Arianna hernandez and her four friends move around the globe dancing but their manegment decides they should settle doen in london instead of staying in their home state california. The 5 teenagers having no idea who they were neighbor's with 5 world famous boys....


8. Chapter 3

Chapter 3

I woke up this morning to Connor's quiet snores. I tried to get up but Connor's arms were wrapped around me so i took them of trying not to wake him up . Once i got out of his grasp I walked over to my phone on the coffie table. I checked the time ... 6 in thr frikin moring . I never wake up this early unless its to go on a trip . well I do have somthing in mind . I ranupstairs trying to be as quiet as posible. went into my lovley room and got dressed i mean since we are going to be leaving i might as well take a ride on my motorcycle to mt secret spot . I went to my closet and found this

 I snuck downstairs and into the kitchen to wright a note for the boys so they dont worry ........aaannd done. I walked out to were tony and I were sleeping and put the note on his hand trying not to wake him up . After that I went into the garage to get on my bike:


thats my bike for ya . before I left I checked if i had my phone yep .I checked the time and it is 7:30 wow time went by fast . I started my engen and out of there .

***** skipping to secret spot *****

I got to my spot with my hair wavy now . I parked my bike and just sat there today was my last day here tommorow were leaving early in the morning. My home town . I know im making a big deal about this but i have always had a hard time fitting in and i barely get to stay here because of all the traveling we do. And now were moving to frikin england . I mean put your self in my place . I sat there for a good hour just staring out to my town . Accepting what i am leaving and what i have comming ....... I have to bring somthing ....... My bike ! well most likly I was going to bringit any way but still atleast I dont forget . I brought out my phone to text monkey head

 can I bring my bike with us ? - ari

I waited for a little while until my phone buzzed telling me thta I had a message

umm i dont know - m.h ( short for monkey head)


once again I had to wait

 ok fine- m.h
 Once he answered I jumped of my bike and started dancing around . I got back on my bike and started driving.

****back at the house****

I enterd the house happy that i at least get to take somthing with me . " hey ari change of plans we are moving today start getting all your stuff " " what what time!" I yelled obiously not very happy . " come on plane is at 10 pm " i took a quick look at the clock 12 already I havent even eaten breakfast . I ran into the kichenand to the frige. I opend it to find it full of food . I took out a mini pizza and a beer ( i know im under age but i mean who listens to those rules plus im moving to england might as well go by their law to get used to it and i have done it before) I warmed up the pizza and went over to the cubbored to grab a bag of hot cheetos by that time the pizza was done I ate and ran up stairs to get all my stuff ready.

****skipping to the airport ****

I walked on the plane sittining im inbetween of connor and Andrew  who were knocked out asleep. once we were in the air i put my earphones in and put some ed sheeran to calm me and make me fall asleep i absalutly love ed sheeran . .........after a little wile my eye lids started getting  heavy and then i fell asleep to his voise i come england.......


a/n hi guys send me feed back on what you think so far like comment !!

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