Arianna hernandez and her four friends move around the globe dancing but their manegment decides they should settle doen in london instead of staying in their home state california. The 5 teenagers having no idea who they were neighbor's with 5 world famous boys....


7. Chapter 2

Chapter 2

England! We are moving to England. " no no no no umm dont we have a say in this ... I-I-Its not acceptable we just got back and now we are moving no I am not moving I-I mean move and leave our families behind how are we goin to now anybody there we cant just leave what we already have for somthing stupid like that " I said " please dont get stuburn its only going to be for a little while and you will still have your house here in california ...... you . are . moving . and . that . is . final." monkey head said .I stormed off not caring . Ari why are you being so stuburn you alway wanted to move to england . But thats the thing I am afraid of moving because I mostlikley I wont fit in . I am scared thats it. Someone snapped me out of my trance then I noticed I was crying. " ari are you ok !?" i looked up and saw Andrew  . " no " Andrew hugged me . god I loved his hugs but in a brotherly sisterly way. " I  am scared " i looked in his eyes just to see simpathy in them. " dont worry you got us no need to be scared" he smiled a warm smile . then I herd more foot steps and then I felt three more pairs of arms around me and they were squeezing me " guys. cant. breath." we all let go and started laughing . we walked back to the studio and into the car . It was a quiet car ride but a good silence . we got out and then jack said" oh and guys we are leaving in two days dont worry about the furnature thats all set up at the other house so just get stuff ready and some extra things you might need" all of us groand . I got inside and got into the shower once I got out I just put on my soccer sweats and my stanford sweatshirt.I looked at the time and it was 2 already and I havent eaten yet . I ran downstairs and strait to the fridge to get somthing to eat .Then I herd laughing behind me so I turned around to see connor I ignored him and went on looking through the fridge for food . Then I felt two strong arms snake around me waist and I imediatly knew it was Connor  and he put his head on my sholder . I dont really know what is up with me and connor we are not dating or anything but we still like sortoff cuddle but we try not to do it around the boys because they will tease us and the word will go around. I finaly found what I wanted . oreos with milk I took out the milk and oreos and went to grab a cup " want some?" he nodded I grabed an extra cup when I turned around I saw connor already sitting down he patted his lap so I sat down on his lap I poard the milk into the cups. " feed me peasant " connor said opening his mouth . I grabbed a oreo and gave him one. we took turns doing that for a little while . untill we got full of oreos . "hey we are going out to play soccer with  a couple of friends see you later" i heard all three say good bye " looks like we have the whole house to our selves" Connor  said brushing his lips against my ear giving me the chills . I looked at him he look at me . we just staring into eachothers eyes . We were leaning in. then he put his lips against mine me kissing him back . this doesnt feel right for some reason I pulled away " how.. about ... wee... watch .. movies foor the rest of the day" I asked he nodded we went into the livingroom." ok on three we will say what movie we want 1...2.....3" "nemo!" we said at the same time . we started cracking up . He put the movie in wile I went to go get popcorn,

*******after the movie *******

the movie ended and connor was sleeping I was about to fall aseep so I went to go turn off the tv . I went back to sleep with connor . I cant wait till we move to england.( note the starcasm)

a\n hi guys hope you like it like comment anything luv ya baaiiii!

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