Arianna hernandez and her four friends move around the globe dancing but their manegment decides they should settle doen in london instead of staying in their home state california. The 5 teenagers having no idea who they were neighbor's with 5 world famous boys....


15. Chapter 10

Chapter 10

   Well I am walking back to my house to get my bikini . The boys thought it would be fun to go swimming so I got sent back to get my I walked up to my giant front door I saw my bike*sight* swimming =beach=road trip in my mind . Yes I am still mad because we moved out here . But you know I can always visit.i opened my giant front door and stepped into my lovely house. I heard the guys in the living room so I ran strait up stairs . I really didn't want them asking questions on we're i was going. I walked down the hall way to my room. I went to my closet slipped on my bikin And grabbed my towel . I walked down the stairs and past the living room . I was soo close to the door but felt someone's arms snake around my waist. Connor. "Hey babe " he wispered into my ear. " hi" I replied trying to unwrap his arms from my waist ."were are you going ?" He asked turning me around to face him . I tried to get away but he would just pull me closer . " nialls " I replied . He teanced up a bit . " in a bikini ?" He asked loosening up his arms a bit." Uh yea the boys decided to go swimming ". " oh ok then.... Better get going " he said letting go of me. Just as I was about to walk out the door i turned around and waved goodbye . He waved back. I walked /jogged over to nialls and nocked on his door " finally !" He said opening the the door making me giggle a bit. We walked out to into his house  and I just noticed that he was wearing a t-shirt and swim trunks . We walked out to the back yard and I saw that the boys were in the pool already .i put my towel down on some chairs and walk over to the pool. I looked for Niall but couldn't see him. Then I felt someone's arms around my waist and I was put onto someone's back. ( most likely nialls ) but the thing is I felt sparks as he touched me  . Is that normal . Well I don't feel that when- my thoughts were interupted by me landing in the water . I stayed under water for a little bit just to give the boys a scare. Surfing really paid off. I could hear yelling over the surface of the water . Next thing I know is that I see Niall swimming down to come and "save me" . I smiled at him and he just looked at me like WTF?! I swam up to the surface to be tackled down by Louis " DON'T EVER DO THAT AGAIN ,I THOUGHT YOU DROUNDED!" He yelled " Drounded ?" I asked " shut up " he replied shoving me playfully. I swam over to Niall and splashed him.

a/n hey guys hope you like that chapter like and comment for more

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