Arianna hernandez and her four friends move around the globe dancing but their manegment decides they should settle doen in london instead of staying in their home state california. The 5 teenagers having no idea who they were neighbor's with 5 world famous boys....


2. Andrew Hernandez


                      Hey Im Andrew,

                      Im a dancer . Im 19 and didnt quit high school like every one else because I had finished already but I do onlne college so yea. My favoite color is blue . My little sister is Arianna . My hobbies ar eplaying soccer , dancing , video games , and girls . haha just kidding . im a loner  But  a huge flirt . I am very over protective expecially over my little sister and my best friends . I guess you can say i may be one of the most unmature people but i have my lmits. so yea thats it.

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