An Annoying Encounter

Clarice was a normal 19 year old who has recently been forced to move to London by her parents. Her dream was to one day to become a proffesional photographer, fashion designer, or who knows maybe a model? When she moves to London her only condition is for her parents to enroll her into a Photography School. What happens when she has to work with the snobby full of themselves One Direction? READ MORE TO FIND OUT. *harry styles fan fiction*


3. Talk that Talk

An Annoying Encounter

by: gisellexoxo

Chapter 3; Talk that Talk.


Clarice's P.O.V

The rest of the class was boring as fuck. We did nothing but introduce ourselves and talk about the stupid project. Hopefully we get to at least choose our groups, but I doubt it because she said that the groups were already chosen. After what had seemed to be 100 years, class finally ended. 

"That's what we get for hating One Direction," I said to Lindsey after we got out of class.

"Ugh! I can't believe we have to work with them! To make it even worse have you noticed that all the girls in our class are in love with them, we are definitely going to be stuck with some of them for this project," Lindsay basically  yelled through the school hallways.

After we had talked about this for a long time, Lindsey decided that since this was our last "enjoyable  day" she would show me around London for a while.

Time literally flew by. Last time i had checked the time it was 2:30pm and now it's almost 8:00. After we exchanged numbers I left to go back home.

I entered my vanilla scented house and without even noticing it i fell fast asleep.

My dream was the worst, you guessed correctly it was about one direction. Ugh how i hated them, just thinking about having to meet them tomorrow made me want to throw up.

*Beep*  *Beep*  *Beep* 

Shit! 8:30 already and I had to be at class by 9:00. Oh how I hate the London time difference. I rushed quickly and took a shower and got dressed in this: 

 As for my hair, I just decided to leave it in it's natural waves, which for once looked good. I rushed into my car and as soon as i got into my class all eyes were on me. Fuck! and so were no other than the 5 boys from one direction. I think i even saw the curly haired one look at me up and down with a stupid smirk on his face. But let me tell you one thing, he is not getting anywhere near me

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