An Annoying Encounter

Clarice was a normal 19 year old who has recently been forced to move to London by her parents. Her dream was to one day to become a proffesional photographer, fashion designer, or who knows maybe a model? When she moves to London her only condition is for her parents to enroll her into a Photography School. What happens when she has to work with the snobby full of themselves One Direction? READ MORE TO FIND OUT. *harry styles fan fiction*


1. Meeting London

An Annoying Encounter.


Clarice's P.O.V


*Beep* *Beep* *Beep*........... the annoying alarm clock snoozed against my 

tan skin.

It was my first day in London, well basically my second but most of my first day was filled with unpleasant unpacking and cleaning. After begging and begging my mom not to send me here, nothing worked now i'm stuck here laying on my floral bedding. To make this day worse i had to get up super early for my first Photography class today. Don't get me wrong, Photography is my life that's basically the only reason i decided to move here. Currently it's 6:52 am and I had to be at my class at 9:00 o'clock. I had plenty of time to take a quick bath, have some breakfast, and change.


I got up from my bed, and took a nice warm shower, letting the water relieve my stress and massage my body. As i was in there i wondered if there were going to be any cute guys in my photography class. Wait! what am i thinking! i came here to study not to hook up with some guy! Anyways after i took a shower i decided to get dressed. I dressed as casual as I could, I didn't know what kind of fashion sense to expect from London but it was probably going to be very nice and so not affordable for me. I put on a gray beanie, dark wash skinny's, white high-top converse, and a white crop-top. I usually never skipped breakfast but my stomach was really hurting and i didn't feel like eating. Hmmm maybe i was nervous, but i was actually really happy to finally be able tobegin a fresh start. The instant I got out of my apartment, I could smell the scent of warm tea, and biscuits fluttering through my nostrils. I got into my Audi Convertible that was a "London Present" from my parents or else I could have never been able to afford this nice of a car. If you haven't noticed i'm basically broke and my parents are paying for everything such as the roof on top of my head, my school, and my car.


As I drove to my photography class all I could see were One Direction posters plastered onto store shops. 

Ughhh! I muttered under my breath.

Did I mention that I practically hate One Direction? Well I do. They are honestly just famous for their looks. And have you heard all of those annoying girls screaming! If London is going to basically be filled up with One Direction then maybe London isn't for me after all.





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