An Annoying Encounter

Clarice was a normal 19 year old who has recently been forced to move to London by her parents. Her dream was to one day to become a proffesional photographer, fashion designer, or who knows maybe a model? When she moves to London her only condition is for her parents to enroll her into a Photography School. What happens when she has to work with the snobby full of themselves One Direction? READ MORE TO FIND OUT. *harry styles fan fiction*


2. Karma.

An Annoying Encounter

by: gisellexoxo 

Chapter 2; Maybe London isn't so bad.

Clarice's P.O.V


To make things worse as i got out of my car and into my school

mostly every girl seemed to like One Direction. Until I saw this girl sitting in a desk not talking to anybody, it was as if she was annoyed by all the girls in her presence. I decided to walk up to her and introduce myself.

"Hi!, i'm Clarice," I replied reassuringly and gave her a small smile

"I'm Lindsey, your not a directioner are you because if you are then we should end this conversation now," she replied nonchalantly.

"Of course not! I basically hate them," I confirmed to her. Finally! Someone who shares the same amount of hatred for them.

"OMG really?"  "It's like everyone in London has fallen in love with them and i'm really sick of it! "Nice outfit by the way!" 

I'm really beginning to like this girl a lot, maybe she could show me around London sometime! And she said she liked my outfit. Ahhh i haven't had a friend like this in a long time. She had such a better fashion sense than me. She was wearing a turquoise long-sleeve top, skinny jeans, and combat boots, as for her hair she was wearing it in a half-updo. 

"Thank's right back at ya!," seconds after that, the tardy bell rang and i took a seat right next to Lindsey.

A very young looking woman stepped into the class and took a seat at the front desk.

"Good-morning everyone please take a seat," she called out a role and everyone let out a "here" when they're name was called out. After, a bunch of papers were situated she began to speak again.

"Okay class my name is Ms.Myers and i will be your teacher for  Intro To Photography this semester, now I know all of you hate projects but it is very important for us to see what level of photography you are currently in." " Hopefully you all will be excited with what your project is going to be based on especially the girls." " For your project you will be in groups of four and you will each be working with a member from One Direction and in the end you will have ended up working with all of them." " During the project you will write an essay on how their life's are, you get to do makeup and be there personal fashion designer for part of their tour."  "Oh and last thing of course not everyone gets to work with them so only 1 group will have the honor of working with them and that group is of course already chosen, the rest of you will be working with different staff members and such, so why don't I start handing out the groups?"

As soon as she had said One Direction, Lindsey and I turned to each other with shocked expressions on our faces, we couldn't believe what we had just heard. I swear this project is going to be the death of me.

(Lindsey's Outfit) real person is macbarbie07 on youtube)


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