Little Ones

when Jessica gave birth to twins Darcy May and Emma Rose, daughters of no other than the Harry Styles, Harry had left her earlier on and she was alone, no family, nor friends. she took all her savings and bought an apartment. what happens when 2 year old Emma wants to see her dads concert for a second birthday gift?


6. Truth? or dare?

Anne came by and grabbed the girls, they were very excited! Anne is there grandma obviously, but they love her very much! and enjoy going and sleeping over her house!


The boys arrived and we decided to play truth or dare! Louis' idea so he asked first!

"Madi, truth? or dare?"

"Truth" she said.

"ok, Do you like any of us?"

"yes" she said

"who?" we all asked

"hey! only one question per turn!" she said

"fine' we whined

"Niall truth or dare?" she asked

"Dare" he said

"I dare you to moon the next door neighbor" Madi said

"erm...ok" naill said

we went to the neighbors and an old lady answered and looked down at nialls behind, "oh my!" she cried "please come in dear!" she added

'eewww!" we all said and ran inside my apartment

that was so! nasty!!! Shes probably like a cougar or rapist!!!!!


'Jessica truth? or dare?" niall asked me

"erm..dare" i said

"i dare you too....kiss the hottest person in the room!" he said

"k...." i said

i started leaning into Harry but quickly turned and kissed my arm

"there i did it" i said

"now Madi truth or dare?"

"dare" she said knowing we would ask about her crush if we said truth

"i dare you to tell us ur crush''

"fine, its Niall" she said whispering his name

"really? i like you too" Niall said, his face lighting up

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