Little Ones

when Jessica gave birth to twins Darcy May and Emma Rose, daughters of no other than the Harry Styles, Harry had left her earlier on and she was alone, no family, nor friends. she took all her savings and bought an apartment. what happens when 2 year old Emma wants to see her dads concert for a second birthday gift?


1. flashback

Hi i am Jessica but you can call me Jessie or Jess, i am 20. I have 2 daughters, twins, theyre almost 2! they turn 2 on the 18th of September!

i am super excited, but also nervous. i might not be able to get them there gifts because i don't have very much money. Here's why:

i work in a bakery so i don't get very much, i don't get any money from the father, oh ya hes Harry Styles, i also know they want to see one direction in concert so that's expensive.

i hope i can make something happen.

the girls names are Emma and Darcy, Emma was born first and Darcy came out 5 minutes later.


"one, two , three push" shouted the doctor. Out came little Emma screaming and kicking. The noise didn't matter, all that mattered was my baby. "we need you to push again" said a nurse, "one, two, three push!" they screamed. They had moved Emma to another room while i finished with Darcy, she was an adorable angel. I now have my princess and angel, my Darcy and Emma.


It feels like just yesterday i was covered in sweat painting there light pink nursery and putting together furniture. It feels like i just held them for the first time. but i didn't. they are now two year old's, well almost.

Here are Darcy and Emma the only thing in common is there hair!


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