Little Ones

when Jessica gave birth to twins Darcy May and Emma Rose, daughters of no other than the Harry Styles, Harry had left her earlier on and she was alone, no family, nor friends. she took all her savings and bought an apartment. what happens when 2 year old Emma wants to see her dads concert for a second birthday gift?


3. concert

I woke the girls around 7am to get reading for the meet and greet at 10am and concert around 1pm, I'm excited and very nervous! The girls are dressed in one direction t-shirts and pink tutu for Emma and purple for Darcy! i have a long spaghetti strap dress that's pink with a black ribbon. We all have braided hair and are ready to go! I packed:

1. pacifiers

2. bottles

3. snacks

4. blankets jackets

6. small toys

7. money

8. everything i need


We got in the car and picked up Anne. Since she knows 1D we got to meet them first! heres how it all went!

"come on girls! there's one direction!"

They ran up and Anne and I each held one so that the boys could see the girls.

Anne said "Harry, you remember Jessica, right?"

Harry replied "Yes!" turning toward me..." is that really you?"

i replied with a sweet smile and a small nod.

the boys were drinking there waters when Emma blurted out "Hi i am Emma Rose Styles and this is my sissy, Darcy May Styles!"

The boys chocked on there waters when Emma said Styles.

"Jessica can i talk to you and the girls? in private?"

harry asked "erhm sure" i replied uncertainley.

we walked back to another room and sat down. I handed the twins some toys and Darcy wanted juice so i gave them there sippy cups. Harry whispered "are they...erm....mine?"

"yes they are, today they are two years old and they wanted to meet one direction."

harry nodded.

I started telling him everything about them, he smiled and went to play with them, the meet and greet would start in a little bit but Anne came early knowing Harry would be curious and confused.

i cought up with Harry and waited in the backas the meet and greet started.


*concert time*

the bos were singing "lwwy"

and brought Darcy and Emma out on stage to dance, it was adorable. Harry introduced them and there were lots of "awwwws" from the crowd! i was enjoying myself very much!



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