Little Ones

when Jessica gave birth to twins Darcy May and Emma Rose, daughters of no other than the Harry Styles, Harry had left her earlier on and she was alone, no family, nor friends. she took all her savings and bought an apartment. what happens when 2 year old Emma wants to see her dads concert for a second birthday gift?


5. Besties

My bestie Madi is coming over! i haven't see her in 3 years so i am excited! she knows about the girls and Harry but isn't meeting them till this afternoon, Harry decided to move near by so he can see the girls more! We were discussing buying a place to share so we could raise the girls together, i know its early but i have been with Harry befor and know what hes like so it wont be bad. *knock knock*

I answer the door to see Madi! she is a blonde with brown eyes with green specs! She is gorgeous! i remember her having a bubbly personality and being hilarious, i wasnt expecting her for another 45 minutes because traffic and the busy air ports but i am super happy she came so much sooner then planned! She is going to a university near by so she moved into a neighborhood close by! I engulf her into a huge hug and we start chatting! I lead her down the hall to see him with the girls, they are playing in huge boxes, he bought them thinking he could get me to buy a house soon, i probably will actually! Iintroduce Madi to Harry and she trys to stay calm! she engulfs the girls into huge hugs and pulls out plush purple and pink giraffes! Darcy snatches the purple and Emma hugs the pink tightly! Madi gives themboth big kisses on the cheeck and begins playing with them! I sit with Harry in the small living room waiting for them to finish playing! I told Madi to introduce herself as "Auntie Madi".

Harry and i invited the guys over for toight so we should have a fun night! Anne agreed to take the girls to her place incase we get drunk or decide to go clubbing or something!

Madi is totally Nialls type so i think i can get them together!

I decided to start on dinner and made some hot dogs and burgers!

"girls! Darcy! Emma! Madi!, dinners ready" they ran out and we enjoyed a dinner full of chatting and laughs, while waiting for the boys and there girlfrineds!


A/N i personally think this story sucks! Dont worry i am not deleting it, i just need more ideas! What should happen when everyone comesover?

When should Sophia come into the story? should Dani end up cheating so Liam goes to his old school friend Sophia?

comment below!

 i added that picture to prove that i am only 12 so please no hate! how old did u think i was according to my writing? am i any good?

comment below goodnight!

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