Little Ones

when Jessica gave birth to twins Darcy May and Emma Rose, daughters of no other than the Harry Styles, Harry had left her earlier on and she was alone, no family, nor friends. she took all her savings and bought an apartment. what happens when 2 year old Emma wants to see her dads concert for a second birthday gift?


4. Amazing moments

II was enjoying myself a lot! Harry and i went out for dinner with the boys and there girlfriends! The girls were awesome!

Harry and I were almost a couple, Liam and Dani (Sophie will come in later on), Eleanor and Louis, Zayn and Perrie (They are Engaged!), Niall is single :p.

Every couple is adorable, but i feel bad for Niall....I think i know someone who he may like!(comment stuff about u if u would like to date Niall)

But back to the story: WE were eating at an italian resteruant called "Tonys Italiano" it is awesome! Heres our food:

Harry pineapple pizza

me and the twins spagehti 

Perrie and Zayn bbq pizza

Louis and Eleanor cheese pizza

Liam and Dani pepperroni pizza 

Niall too much to name but he had a lot of diff. pizzas

we were having a great time and it was getting late and all so we said our good byes and Harry brought me home, Anne borrowed my car and waited at my house.

Harry "i had a great time, Jess"

Jessica "me too! your a great guy!"

Harry "thanks" and with that we both leaned in and shared a nice, long kiss.

Harry "that was....."

Jessica :amazing"

Harry "ya, thats the word"

Jessica "i never forgot you"

Harry "i always wanted to be with you Jessica but management and touring, and it was all too will you be wth me now?"

Jessica "yes"

i smiled, the girls were asleep so we brought them into there rooms for bed, i let them sleep in there diapers and shirts so we didn't have to wake them.

Jessica "harry, your amazing and this was probably one of the most amazing nights ever"

Harry "probably? what do you meen by probably"

Jessica "nevermind it was definitley the best night ever"

we smiled and Harry left with one last kiss

"wow i am lucky" i whispered



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