my life with 1d

A girl named marina gets adopted by louis zayn liam niall and harry she is 10 and in 5th grade her parents died in a car accident she has a younger brother who is a baby her parents died last month and she was devastated she hopes that she will get adopted soon


5. The Visiting Day (20th)

For some reason Zo and Marina got up really early today around 600.  It seemed like they knew something was going on. They went down stairs around 700 everyone came down as usual they sat and looked at pics of 1D.  They waited for 3 hours then someone walked through the door the thought it was one person but it was about 100 people from Ariana Grande to 1D! Zo and Marina got really excited when they herd 4 british accents and 1 irish. They had to go to their room for a few minutes to calm down they didnt see them but they herd them they knew they were at this orphanage so they asked they got called down. They were so excited they finally got to meet them after about 2 hours of talking to everyone Zo and Marina went upstairs along with Andrea Sydney Lily and Miranda.  Lou started talking to the orphanage owner Ms.Killmeyer and he said that he wanted to adopt Marina and Zo Ms.Killmeyer said he could and soon everyone over the age of 20 was asking to adopt Lou said does Marina or Zoeie have any  siblings and she told him about Anthony Marina's little brother he wanted to adopt him too.   Ms.Killmeyer told Zo and Marina she told everyone who was getting adopted to pack up turns out that every girl was getting adopted.  Everyone agreed to live in London so the girls can see each other any time they what.  Everyone left the next day with their new families.




Hope you like it its not very long as of now i will try to get at least 15 chapters in. and just so u know all of the girls will be 20 by the end and the girls names are not random the  names and likings are real me and my friend Zoeie love 1D and Andrea likes them a little 



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