my life with 1d

A girl named marina gets adopted by louis zayn liam niall and harry she is 10 and in 5th grade her parents died in a car accident she has a younger brother who is a baby her parents died last month and she was devastated she hopes that she will get adopted soon


3. The next day

Zoeie and Marina were the first up in the whole orphanage.  They stayed in bed and talked quietly.  Andrea soon woke up because of them talking.  After an hour or two at 800 everyone was up.  Everyone went downstairs and started playing as usual Zoeie and Marina sat and talked about 1D.  Miranda loved to dance so instead of playing soccer she danced.  Lily was practicing soccer by herself.  As for the rest of the girls, who knows what they were doing.  At the time Ariana Grande, Austin Mahone, Justin Bieber, Taylor Swift, and many more artist were in London at the time 1D were the only ones who knew about the orphanage they got together with the other artist ant planned a special visit to the orphanage.  They hoped the news channels wouldn't find out about the visit because they didnt want the little kids to get traumatized by all the cameras and microphones the artists would be fine with it because they were used to it but the kids weren't.  It was September 18 and they planned to come on the 20th.  Nobody knew about the visit besides the artists.  Nobody tweeted about the visit but Zoeie (who I am going to call Zo) and Marina would tweet them everyday none of the artist knew they were at the orphanage so they never responded.  All of the artists have never been to an orphanage so they thought it was like the movies thats why they never responded.  That same day Marina and Zo tweeted them saying they were at the orphanage in London the boys didnt believe them so they started questioning them once they found out that Marina and Zo werent lying they followed them immediately. 

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