my life with 1d

A girl named marina gets adopted by louis zayn liam niall and harry she is 10 and in 5th grade her parents died in a car accident she has a younger brother who is a baby her parents died last month and she was devastated she hopes that she will get adopted soon


4. The 19th

-The boys are shopping for toys for the orphans-



Louis's POV


Harry! What. he responded Stop and start actually looking for toys. Ok. harry said.



-Louis gets a call from Liam-

Hi Liam Hi Lou So whats up. Oh um well we cant really find Niall he was here a second a go then left or something took him.  What! How could you do that I exclaimed I bet the whole store can hear me at this point so Im ready for the screaming girls to come running towards me and Harry. Well I have to start looking Bye Liam said Bye I responded. 

    -ends call-


-skip the rest of shopping-




Harry's POV


I wonder what has got into Lou he is acting differently now once we came up with the whole orphanage thing.



Sry its short i only have like an hour of time left before i have to read for school 






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