my life with 1d

A girl named marina gets adopted by louis zayn liam niall and harry she is 10 and in 5th grade her parents died in a car accident she has a younger brother who is a baby her parents died last month and she was devastated she hopes that she will get adopted soon


2. Life as an orphan

Marina liked it at the orphanage of course she wanted a family but the orphanage wasnt like the kind that you would see in movies.     


Marina wanted more than anything to meet her favorite band one direction she imagined it day and night.  She liked Austin Mahone but not as much as 1D.  At the orphanage  they didn't have to do anything except keep their area clean.  Marina shared a room with her new friends Zoeie and Andrea.  Next to their room was their friends Miranda Lily and Sydney.  They were all the same age.  They had the only rooms on the top floor everyone was below them.  Her brother was on the second floor which was the first floor of orphans.  The first floor had the entrance lobby desk and room where all the orphans stayed most of the day and played with each other.  there were 6 floors every floor was filled.  Zoeie was the only one on the top three floors who liked 1D Andrea liked them a little but most of the time Zoeie and Marina would sit and talk about them.  Marina had a phone so they would look at pictures of them.  Lily and Miranda loved soccer so they would go outside and play soccer A LOT.  Danielle Jayda and Tamia shared a room just below Marina Zoeie and Andrea.  Jaimee Sofia and Gabriella were below Miranda Lily and Sydney.  Below Danielle Jayda and Tamia, are Page and Amarie the twins.  next to the twins is Allieigh Makayla and Niaje.  Savanna Briona and kaycee shared a room below Allieigh Makayla and Niaje.  All of the girls came there withen 3 months the first there was Makayla.  Allieigh and Niaje were friends before they came to the orphanage.  Tamia and Allieigh are cousins both of their parents had died at the same time in the same plane wreck.    The rest of the floors were boys all the girls should be in 5th grade the boys were all different ages.  Before bed every night, Zoeie and Marina would wish to meet 1D it was their dream to  meet them but little did they know what was coming next.  





So this is my second fanfic i am trying to make it longer than the last one i know im not famous but if anyone reads this and has any ideas please let me know.

                                                                                                       -Marina ;)

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