Broken but know fixed by you

I am allisa , I came from a adoption center but.. the wrong parents adopted me I mean they ment to but only my mom?, took care of me , I was abused by my I guess I could call him father but I say his name , Garrett, I have my DNA brother with me hes only 8 years old he talks sometimes never around my dad , I had to run away , I couldn't watch him get hurt anymore........ will she be okay ??? read to find out



Allisa POV

"GET DOWN STAIRS KNOW!!!!" my heart skipped a beat not knowing what he wanted. I rushed down the stairs  until I got to the bottom I walked down slowly step by step looking down the whole time. I look up to find my father with a cheekly evil stair ." and clean the house,-" I cut him off " I don't want to.." I mumble softly but loud enough he could hear, this was the first time I had ever talked back to him so he gave me .. the look that ur parents would give u ." YOUR GOING TO CLEAN THIS HOUSE KNOW!!!!!" he slapped me really hard across the face and my arm . He hit my arm so hard it started to bleed and bruise up immediately .

I cleaned the house and quietly walked up into my room.i got onto my dead mothers laptop that my father doesn't know I have but he doesn't pay attention enough to notice , he also just wont get off his bum to go into my room, unless he thinked I tossed someone and hurts me either way , ... I put  my laptop away and walk into my little brothers room he is turning 8 years old in a week so I have 30 dollars saved for him so I could by him a cupcake and a small present it wasn't going to be much but he usually never would get anything so this is better.i hug him tight so tight that he sqeals I laugh "we are going to leave tomorrow , hand me your old bag bud." he does and I pack for him I hear noice from the stairs I race with the bags in my hangs across the hal into my room and throw the bag into my "closet " well it was really just a door in a room for a washer machiene . suddenly the door slams open . scared me almost to death , he wrapped in a towel, but he still smelt of alchol  he was smiling , I run into a corner scared of what I know will happen he picks me up where he hit me causing me to cry but on the way down when he threw me on the bed .. everything went black

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