Broken but know fixed by you

I am allisa , I came from a adoption center but.. the wrong parents adopted me I mean they ment to but only my mom?, took care of me , I was abused by my I guess I could call him father but I say his name , Garrett, I have my DNA brother with me hes only 8 years old he talks sometimes never around my dad , I had to run away , I couldn't watch him get hurt anymore........ will she be okay ??? read to find out




I was born when my mom was young . She was only 15 , not wanting a child her thoughts where to give her up for adoption , she didn't just want to give her child away (me) , but she really had no choice. She was so young , I have no information of her how she is all I know is that she is 32 know. I am 17, I was adopted by a beautiful so called "mom" but she was murdered in her sleep my "father" never wanted me so when my mom was sleeping he went to the store and left me alone with her I was only two at the time , all I know is he comes back to check on my brother and I to find my " mother on the floor dead , ever since then my father got into an addiction of drugs, alcohol, and abuse .. if my mother never had died I would probably be okay by know not hurt every night from him ...

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