Summer 09

Loraine's Best friend was one of the members of the biggest boy band ... One direction they lost contact when he left to audition for the X-factor....


6. The guys

Loraine's P.O.V
-What school did you go to?- Niall asked
OMG what am I gonna tell him? If I tell Him the school I went to, he will know that I was his best friend. I had to figure out a way to avoid me answering that question
-um... I went to...- 
Luckily I was interrupted by mr.lagini that came in. THANK YOU!!!

The meeting ended, we have to be back here Friday so in 4 days... oh god 

I was talking to the secretary when I saw the boys coming out of the office, I tried to lower my head so they couldn't recognize me but a second later I felt a tap on my shoulder. it was zayn with the other boys behind him 
-so we're going to nando's and later we're going to see a movie want to come with us, you look lonely, we felt bad- he smiled
-um well...- I tried to find an excuse but I couldn't so I just gave up
-sure why not?- I smiled 
He smiled back -you wanna come in one of our cars or are you gonna come in your car?- 
-I can go in my ca...-
-NO! COME WITH US!!!- Louis screamed and we all laughed
-it's ok you don't have to-
-but I want to! ok so Liam, zayn and Harry go in zayn's car and Niall, Loraine and I go in my car-
NOOOOO!! NOT WITH NIALL!! This is gonna be a long ride 

Niall's P.O.V
We got in the car, Louis was driving and I was next to him. Loraine was in the back 
-so what movie are we going to watch?- she asked
-grown ups 2- Louis answered -Niall what is up with you, you haven tallied since the meeting started- Louis asked me
-oh nothing something has just been on my mind- I said looking out the window 
After 5 minutes if silence 
We got to nandos, the manager took us to a private table so fans couldn't bother us 
We ordered our food and waited for the employe to bring us the food
-so where are you studying?- I asked 
-university of California, I'm uh studying management-
-cool, maybe you can be our manager- Louis said grinning

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