Summer 09

Loraine's Best friend was one of the members of the biggest boy band ... One direction they lost contact when he left to audition for the X-factor....


3. Shopping

~10 minutes later~
I got to the studio, I passed through the secretary to my bosses office 
-OH HELLO DEAR!! SIT DOWN SIT DOWN!! OH MY YOU LOOK ABSOLUTLEY FABU!! LIKE ALLWAYS!!- he half screamed comming over to me 
-thanks, so what are the big news?-
-OH RIGHT!, I have a amazing photoshoot planned with a big boy band but I'm not gonna tell you who they are until you see them later they are comming here to plan everything-
-aww your gonna keep me waiting? you know I don't like to wait- I complained 
-yes I do, now, I need you to go shopping for colorful male clothe, make it fun, bright and very teenager likely-
-but how am I supposed to buy clothe if I don't know who I'm working with?-
-just do as you are told-
-ok ok sorry- I said standing up 
~10 minutes later~
I got to the store and started to look for clothe
I picked some red jeans, blue blazers, white high tops and other stuff. I still don't get how am I supposed to buy things without knowing who they are. I imagine if they are a punk/rock band or something , that would be hilarious and kinda akward. i went to starbucks and bought a iced coffee and a brownie. i ate it and went shopping again, after an hour of shopping, I headed back to the studio to see who this mistery band was

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