Summer 09

Loraine's Best friend was one of the members of the biggest boy band ... One direction they lost contact when he left to audition for the X-factor....


2. Morning

After that I moved to California and graduated there, right now I'm studying management in collage. I work with a famous that has worked with a lot of celebrities, like Taylor Swift, Ed Sheeran, Kelly clarkson, Katy perry and I am so lucky to say that I've met all of them. I'm not the photogerfer, I'm the one who dresses the artists. It's fun but I don't know, I want to be more and life.
*Yo! It's your boss calling you! so pick it up cuz it's your boss*
I picked up my phone knowing it was my boss because he is the only one with that ringtone
-good morning- I said awnsering the phone
-yes, quite good morning indeed my darling- he said with a happy tone
-wow! you sound happy- I said smileing even though he couldn't see me
-I got the most amazing news!!-
-ooh tell me tell me!!- I squeeled jumping up and down
-you have to come here first so I can see your reaction, my dear-
-aww, ok then I will be there in 30 minutes-
-ok, bye darling-
-bye- I hung up the phone and put it on my night stand.
I was so anxious to know what was the BIG news
I took a shower and put on a white mermaid style shirt with a fushia belt that had a bow in the middle with black skinny jeans and a fushia bag and headed to the studio

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