Summer 09

Loraine's Best friend was one of the members of the biggest boy band ... One direction they lost contact when he left to audition for the X-factor....


4. Meeting the band

Loraine's P.O.V
When I got there the secretary told md to go to the reunion office

I went in and I was shocked it was... Niall!!! plus the rest of 1D sitting, talking to my boss

My boss saw me and came over to him

-Are you ok my dear? you look like someone died-
-Um yeah... yeah I'm fine, so this is the mystery band?- I said trying to hide my embarrassment 
-OH YES! Let me introduce you to them... Guys this is Loraine, Loraine this is Harry, Louis, Liam, Zayn and last but defenetly not least Niall!- 

They all said hi at the same time, it was kinda funny because it looked like they were in sync or something 
-hi- I smiled 

I sat down, and my boss started to talk. I felt weird because Niall kept staring at me, like he remembered 
-so Loraine did you pick up the clothe I ordered- 
-yes!, their right here- I handed him the clothe and he started to talk about the photoshoot

*knock knock*
"mr.Lagini you have someone on the phone who is determined to talk to you"
-ok, excuse me- he said looking at us
After he left the room was silent for a couple of seconds until Louis broke the ice 
-So Loraine u've been working here a long time?-
-well I moved here two years ago and I've worked here almost a year- 
-where did you live before you moved here?- Harry asked 
-Um... uh Mulingar, Ireland- I said nervously 
-Just like Niall! How dont you guys know each other- 
My mind was saying We do know eeach other but I just smiled

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