Summer 09

Loraine's Best friend was one of the members of the biggest boy band ... One direction they lost contact when he left to audition for the X-factor....


8. I don't think he remembers

Loraine's P.O.V

I got to my apartment and started to unpack something's that I still hadn't unpacked. I was putting a picture frame of me and my best friend Norah on the wall when my phone ringed, I checked the Caller ID and it was mom so I answered 
-hey mom-
-hey sweetie how are you?-
-I'm good, how bout you?-
-I'm fine, so what are you doing?-
-just unpacking, oh mom! Guess who I saw at work today?!-
-no way! Did he recognize you?- she asked exited 
-I don't think so, but I got his number and his friend louis's number too-
-that's good! maybe you two could catch up-
-I don't think so, I meen he's busy and all he's not going to hang out with a girl he dosent even remember- 
-aw don't think that Loraine he has to remember I meen you've been friends since like I don't know first grade? For god sake he has to remember!-
-well lets just hope that he remembers, can I talk to dad?-
-well he's at work right now, I'll tell him to call you when he gets home ok?-
-ok, bye mom-
-bye sweetie-
I began to unpack again and after two hours of unpacking I was finally done, I sat down on my bed with my laptop and turned on the tv, I went on to check out some shoes that I've been dying to buy. Oh and I have to buy new clothe too!. while I was surfing in the endless lines of shoes, I got a text
Unknown number: hey :)
Me: um hey... um who is this?
Unknown number: oh sorry it's Niall! 
Me: ohh ok, I didint know 
I saved his number and he replied
Niall: :P so wats up?
Me: nm, just checking out shoes hbu?
Niall: just eating a bag of crisps
Me: oh ok 
I didint know what to answer so I just let my phone on my lap and returned to the computer screen 
Niall: um... I was thinking of asking you if you would like to meet me, in a park or somewhere because I have to tell you something 
Oh no, no this can't be... he....he can't remember, can he?
I thought for a couple of seconds and then decided to answer 
Me: sure... where?
Niall: maybe in the park near your work?
Me: ok, see you there 
Niall: great :D
I went to my closet to change since I had changed into some "at home" clothe, I put on some black shorts and a hot pink shirt with a cat and said "meow", I put on some flats, grabbed my purse and left 

Niall P.O.V
I wanted to tell Loraine that I remember her, I wanted to tell her sorry for leaving her and never coming back, I wanted to tell her that I acted like a idiot and that I should've looked for her and I knew I had to tell all of that now. I hope she would forgive me
I told the boys that I had to go do what's right and talk to her, and I left 
When I got to the park I sat on the nearest bench and in a matter of minutes a couple of girls came over to me for photos and autographs, I took pictures with them until I saw Loraine jumping out of her car and looking for me, I told them that I had to go and the politely left
-hey Loraine- I said going over to her 
-um... wanna have a walk around here?-
-uh yeah sure- 
We started walking in silence, while I was trying to think of a way to start, and finally she said something there was something you wanted to tell me?- she sai nervously
Yes I have to tell you alot of thing, alot
-um yeah uh Loraine, i... remember-
I said looking over at her, with my hands in my pocket. 
Her facial expression changed into something u couldn't actually read
-wh..what do you meen?- 
-you where my best friend from Ireland, before I left for the X factor, I'm so sorry for not comming back, I'm a idiot, I should've came back or at least called you-
I saw her with tears in her eyes and she looked at me, I went over to her and gave her a hug and she returned it with one of her own, man, I miss her hugs
-will you forgive me?-
-Niall, are you really asking me that?- 
She said smiling at me, still in the hug
I laughed and pulled away from the hug
-we have a lot of chatching up to do-
She smiled and started walking again
-so, what do you wanna do?- she asked 
Loraine's P.O.V
Oh my gosh, he remembers me , u couldn't help it but cry, I missed him so much
   -so what do you wanna do?-
-um... I don't know-
   -wanna go to my place and watch a movie or something?-










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