Dreams Do Come True (1D Fanfiction)

What happens when Courtney meets someone she least expects. Will there be drama,will her and her bffs each find love?


1. Unexpected

*Courtney's P.O.V*

I'm getting myself ready to go to Starbucks to meet up with my besties. I put on a cute ruffle hot pink shirt and some denim shorts and walk downstairs to grab my keys. I get in the car and plug my Iphone 5 into the radio and hit the One Direction playlist. Before you start saying "Oh she loves One Direction or "She's so obsessed with them!" no, no I'm not I just like their songs. Ok fine their cute. But I'm not obsessed. About 5 minutes I pulled up at the same time Lindsy, Hayley, and Elisabeth pull up. We walk inside and I go get their coffees and join them at the table waiting for mine. "Courtney Sulivan!" yelled the worker. I get up and walk to the counter to get my coffee. "That will be $10 please." I hand her my money and turn around to get to my table when I bump into someone and spill my coffee on me. Dang that's hot! "Ahhh! Firetruck!" I yelled and picked up my coffee cup and turn to get a new coffee. "I'm so so so sorry!" the guy who bumped into me said. Wait that voice its so.... so familiar, but where do I know it from. It's British I know that. I turn around to see a face I never thought I would see.





Liam Payne 

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