Dreams Do Come True (1D Fanfiction)

What happens when Courtney meets someone she least expects. Will there be drama,will her and her bffs each find love?


2. Meeting

*Courtney's P.O.V*

Oh. My. Carrots. It's Liam Payne from One Direction. But, why is he here in Florida?! Ok he's just a guy that's why I'm NOT freaking out. "Um, it's ok.... um I better go get another and go back to my friends." I say nodding my head in the direction of my friends. I start walking back to the counter, when Liam is right by my side walking with me. "Well to show I'm sorry let me at least pay for it." he says. I'm not even in the mood to start arguing so I just rolled my eyes. "Fine" I say unwillingly. I ordered and he paid. "Um... so I'm Liam Payne, what's your name love?" he asks. "I know your name Liam, I don't live under a bridge, and my names Courtney." I say. "Well Courtney, thanks for not freaking out, and sorry fro bumping into you. Oh and you might need to clean up that coffee." He chuckles  while getting me napkins. "Ha ya. Thanks." I turn my head to see my friends freaking out. "Well I think I need to see whats going on with them. Be right back." I say then walk to my friends. "What the heck is going on!" I laugh. "WE GOT ONE DIRECTION TICKETS FOR TONIGHT!" they all scream. I turn my head to see Liam looking at us with a smirk. He  was planning something. I hear my named called........AGAIN! I walk up to the counter to get it and Liam gave her a tip. I thanked him. "Well I better go get ready for the concert." he says. "Me too" I say quietly but he heard me. "I know, hey give me your number and maybe me and the rest of the boys can give you and your friends a ride." he said. "Well, sorry but we have a ride." I said not really wanting a ride. "Well can I still get your number, so you know we all can hangout." he said eagerly. I rolled my eyes and gave him my number, then walked back to the girls and we left to get ready.

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