Embarrassing Stories

Have you ever had something happen to you that was so embarrassing that it was funny or you wish no one knew that it happened?! Well everyone has and we can all share them and laugh while reading this!!! Each chapter will be embarrassing stories either by sami1317, andy99, Lily Anna, MyUsername or you! COMMENT YOUR STORIES AND WE WILL PUBLISH THEM!! :D But no matter what, after embarrassing things happens to you remember to keep your head up because you are amazing no matter what. :) <3


18. Windows Reveal All

My friends and I had dressed up for a school event and because the girls change rooms were packed, we decided to go change in our teachers office.  There were windows everywhere and I had to get into sport shorts.  As I was taking off my clothes they slid down my butt taking my underwear with it.  Mortified, I checked behind me to see if anyone saw out the window and to my dismay there was an older looking lady.  She didn't seem to care and acted normal but I will never forget that!


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