Embarrassing Stories

Have you ever had something happen to you that was so embarrassing that it was funny or you wish no one knew that it happened?! Well everyone has and we can all share them and laugh while reading this!!! Each chapter will be embarrassing stories either by sami1317, andy99, Lily Anna, MyUsername or you! COMMENT YOUR STORIES AND WE WILL PUBLISH THEM!! :D But no matter what, after embarrassing things happens to you remember to keep your head up because you are amazing no matter what. :) <3


52. Slip Up


One lunch time I went to sit down in the corridor with my friends and because I had stepped in a puddle earlier my shoes were all wet. I leaned back on the wall ready to slide to a sitting position, but instead of doing it in a rather graceful way something much more embarrassing happened. My foot slipped when I was on the way down and my leg flew up which sent me plonking down to the floor onto my behind, looking like a complete idiot. My friends were all laughing so hard and I even managed to laugh myself even though it was so embarrassing. I don't think I'll be doing that again!

~Lily Anna.

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