Embarrassing Stories

Have you ever had something happen to you that was so embarrassing that it was funny or you wish no one knew that it happened?! Well everyone has and we can all share them and laugh while reading this!!! Each chapter will be embarrassing stories either by sami1317, andy99, Lily Anna, MyUsername or you! COMMENT YOUR STORIES AND WE WILL PUBLISH THEM!! :D But no matter what, after embarrassing things happens to you remember to keep your head up because you are amazing no matter what. :) <3


68. Competition Winners!


It's Lily Anna here, back to tell you who the winners of our little competition were. I'd just like to say well done to all participants for putting in the effort, as we didn't get many entries which was a little disappointing, at least you lot gave it a go. So now you'd probably like to know who were the three winners rather than listening to be prattle on. I'd just like to say it was quite tough to choose these winners because all the entries were quite similar in themselves.

But without further ado here are the three winners:

1st Place - Don't look at me!!! By Zayn Bad boi.xx

2nd Place - Oops By Megan_Aurea

3rd Place - Embarrassment By PuddingLover101

These people will be awarded their prizes which are stated in the 'COMPETITION TIME' chapter. This should be dealt with around the day this chapter is published.

I'd just like to also say a well done to the runners up entries:

Embarrassed By jbforever123
Embarrassing stories entry for the competition By gamegirl

So well done everyone and of course thank you for entering! As this competition went well maybe we might have another little competition another time, we'll see. :)

- Lily Anna


Hey readers! Andy99 here, I just wanted to say that we loved every single one of your entries and hope we can have another competition like this one but with more participation! Thank you to everyone who entered and keep posting your embarrassing stories here, it really makes my day when I read over the comments :)


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