Old friends

When jenny desides to call her old friend who's now super popular what will happen? Jenny has secretly loved him for so long will they fall in love?? How does Louis feel out this?


10. Truth or dare

"Haha ok then!! I dare you too......"

"dance out side in a swimsuit!"  Said zayn laughing 

"Oh my gosh but it's snowing now!" 

"And.... You asked for a dare!" 

"Ok ok one minute" I said

i came back down wearing a bikini with a white blanket obverse me. Hen I threw the town and started dancing. The boys burst out laughing sitting in the window watching, but then I threw a snook ball at marry and Louis. 

"Oh my gosh you so did not!"

"Oh I did" I said throwing another at Harry and Liam this time. 

The boys ran out side throwing snowballs like crazy. This lasted about twenty minutes. When me and Louis slipped while running a co anded in the freezing cold pond. Niall mad zayn ran over pulling us out and taking us inside. I was so cold!! I guess that's the ended of truth or dare then!  Harry came back  a few minutes later with hot chocolates but then! Liam came running in shouting. 

"Shit guys, the paparazzi found our house! They took pictures of us outside! Look!"

he turned on the tv, the pictures were already on the news and gossip channels! I so f the pictures showed us snow ball fighting, I was in a bikini!!! 

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