Old friends

When jenny desides to call her old friend who's now super popular what will happen? Jenny has secretly loved him for so long will they fall in love?? How does Louis feel out this?


6. The boys


i invited jenny over today to met the boys at lunch, I'll go pick her up in about 10 minutes because it will take ages for her to walk and I would want her getting really cold. I'm so glad that she like pd me too, it feels like something deep in side I once lost has come back to life! I'm always smiling and I can't stop thinking about her. We've been dating for two months now and we've done so much together, I know we are still young and haven't been together for long but I wish we could go a little further than just hugging and little kissed, I'm going to ask her if she would like to live and my place for a bit so we can get even closer! I really love her and I can't wait to spend even more time with her, I hope she likes the idea. 

Two hours later....

jenny and the boys really get along well. For lunch jenny helped me make pancakes and got chocolate for everyone she makes the best food and drink. The boys left a few minutes ago to go home, they are getting ready to go to our holiday house we are staying at this Christmas. 

When everyone was gone it was just me and jenny. I started to talk to her about her coming with us to the holiday home, she loved the idea and said yes! Then I asked her about moving in. For a moment she stopped and said nothing.... But then she smiled and agreed to move in after Christmas 

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