Old friends

When jenny desides to call her old friend who's now super popular what will happen? Jenny has secretly loved him for so long will they fall in love?? How does Louis feel out this?


8. Morning


i woke up at about 10am. Last night was amazing. I woke to the sight of jenny next to me, she looked so beautiful and innocent. I never would of thought she'd want to go that far, but I'm not complaining. After a few minutes jenny woke up smiling. She got out of bed and went into the bathroom. She went for a shower. Once she came out I was already dressed waiting for her. When she came out she looked beautiful

"today!! We are going shopping!" I said 

"Ok!! Haha" jenny replied

we went down stairs and told the boys we where heading out. By now it was about lunch time. 

As I drove towards the town all I could think about was how this all started, with her calling me after all these years. I'm so glad she did, I'm glad we got together I'm glad we fell in love I'm glad I found her again. I'm glad she accepted me after leaving her. 

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