Old friends

When jenny desides to call her old friend who's now super popular what will happen? Jenny has secretly loved him for so long will they fall in love?? How does Louis feel out this?


3. Hot chocolate

Beep, beeep, beep, beeep!!.. BEEP BEEP!!!!!! 

"Ok, I'm awake!!! Stupid alarm!"

it was 9:03am, I dragged my self out of bed and into the kitchen. I took out some cereal and milk and sat down to eat. By he time I was finished it was 10am and I had an hour to get ready. I went to my bed room and took out my new jumper, it was black and white and super fluffy!! Then I got some black jeans, a scarf, gloves and my furry boots. I put on my normal makeup and headed for the door after grabbing my bag. By the time Ipad left I wax already 5 minutes late and it takes 10 minutes to get there. I hope he doesn't give up and leave. 

Once I got there I felt really bad for being so late, I looked round the to see if he was still there. He was, he was sitting alone on the table in the far corner. I ran over to him smiling and saying sorry for being so late. He didn't mind he hugged me as he gave me a fresh and warm cup of hot chocolate! So yummy! He kept smiling at me for the whole time, we just talked about what's happened in our lives since he left for being in a band and stuff. 

At about 1pm, we left and he came round to my place, I was so glad that I cleaned up yesterday! He went into the living room and started talk g again. We where both so happy to see each other again. Deep in side I felt my little broken heart feeling again with the love I had years ago for him. 

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