Old friends

When jenny desides to call her old friend who's now super popular what will happen? Jenny has secretly loved him for so long will they fall in love?? How does Louis feel out this?


7. Holiday house


it was the first of December and today at lunch Louis and the boys were taking me to stay with them at their holiday home. I wS so excited I packed loads of stuff! I'm also really excited to move in with Louis once we get home after Christmas. 

Te holiday home was in a privet place where no one could bother them, the nearest town is small and promised not to share the boys address or details to anyone. 

At about 4pm we arrived at the holiday home. I t was huge, with a lake outside. The house inside was beautiful! Me and Louis had a room to share, I didn't mind, it was quite big with a living room bed room and a bathroom. The kitchen and main room downstairs were probably the size of my whole flat. Just like the boys said the small town near by was so cute. I couldn't wait to have some fun here. 

Louis told me it was a good idea if we unpacked our stuff first. I went up stairs with him and started taking everything out of my bags. Once I was done Louis sat next to me, he looked into my eyes smiling, I smiled back. We got a little closer until our lips were almost touching,he looked into my eyes before kissing me. Then we kissed it was the most perfect one yet, it lasted longer than our normal ones but I like it. He slowly sat backward and rolled me on top, I smiled. The kiss did not brake away! We went on like this for a while until Harry shouted us down for dinner. 

Niall and Harry were tonight's cooks, they made everyone spaghetti. It was really yummy, while he ate Liam put a movie on. We chose to watch cloudy with a chance of meatballs. Once the film was finished I helped Harry clean up and hen went to get ready for bed. 

Louis wad in the room with me, I turned away from him and grabbed the sexiest night dress I could find. I turned back to himself he looked at me shocked but in a good way, he smiled. Then I took off my jumper and jeans walking closer to him. Our bodies where touching, I was standing there in my bra and pants. I kissed him  passionately, I could tell he liked  it. He fell onto the bed, he slowly staters to remove his clothes and the remains of my outfit. He pulled the blankets over us....... I'll keep the rest a secret.   





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