Old friends

When jenny desides to call her old friend who's now super popular what will happen? Jenny has secretly loved him for so long will they fall in love?? How does Louis feel out this?


11. Christmas

It had been a while since the who snowball incidence, it wad Christmas Day! Me and Louis were the last to wake. We went down stairs and the boys were already sitting by the Christmas tree surrounded by presents! I say down with the others. harry started handing out the Christmas presents, then we opened then all! My best present was the new iPa I got from Louis! Harry gave me a bracelet, Liam some clothes, zayn hair products and makeup and from Niall a gift card and £20.   

Li made breakfast for everyone at 9am? I made a full English cooked breakfast with pancakes! And a home made smoothie!  Once we'd all finished everyone started cleaning, but the. It turned into a water fight! Flicking water everywhere. In the end the kitchen was soaking wet and so was everyone else. 

For lunch, me and Louis started cooking a Christmas dinner, the day was going so fast.  After lunch the boys went out for a bit, me a Louis got some alone time together. We we toto outer room. I walked up to Louis hugged him, he started kissing me passionately. After a few minutes we ended up on the bed naked together, we did want to go full on I case the boys came in seen as they just got home. 

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