The Sister

When Niall gets his sister a ticket to come and see him in London, and the plane crashes what will happen when he thinks his sister is dead?


2. Chapter 2

I get to see Nialler today yayyyy! "Be good and don't talk to strangers okay sweetie" "Okay Mommy I'll miss you bye." I wasn't old enough to be alone so they're making a flight attendant sit with me. I really don't mind as long as I get to see Niall soon. I haven't seen him in what seems like forever. I sat down and not soon after a flight attendant with long blonde hair with purple tips came and sat next to me. "Hey sweetie my names Destiny" "I'm Angel but you can call me Ange, or Angie.I love your hair, it's so pwetty." aww, thanks angie here buckle up we're taking off." I put my head back as was soon out like a light. I woke up because I was being shaken. "Wake up sweetie hurry" Everyone else was screaming, but she was surprisingly calm. Having just woke up and well you know, only being four I had no idea what was happening. She pulled something big and orange over my head,and grabbing me holding my head tight, and that's the last thing I remember before everything went black.


~Destiny's POV~

I was looking out the window with Angel snoring quietly beside me. Suddenly the ground started getting closer and closer and everyone started screaming. I shoke Angel trying my best to stay calm and said simply "Wake up sweetie hurry" I don't think she really understands what's happening and I'm happy because she's not freaking out. I pulled the life vest over her head in case we landed in the water, and held her close trying to protect her head and that's when we crashed.

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