My Brother's Best Friend | One Direction (13+)

The name's Amber. Amber Tomlinson. Yes, I'm the sister of Louis Tomlinson, the biggest player in school. That's about all I'm known for, and all I'm seen as. Although I'm attractive, I've never had a boyfriend. Wanna know why? Because Louis tells all of the guys to stay away from me, even his best mate, Harry. Louis says I'm "too nice" for my own good. And Harry . . . well, Harry's even worse. He's the most arrogant, egotistical player I've ever met. And he flirts with me constantly! I could kill him sometimes.


4. So Embarrassing!

The morning sunshine floated into the room through the cracks of my bedroom curtains. I stirred in bed as my eyes fluttered open. Immediately I knew something was wrong. My head hurt like hell, my mouth was dry and tasted like beer, and there was a dull humming in my ears. It was official: I was hungover. 

I groaned, wincing as I sat up in bed. I felt the fabric of the covers against my bare skin; I realized I was only wearing my bra and underwear. I couldn't remember a damn thing about last night at all. Well, that was a lie. I remembered dancing with Pietra and Niall, Louis yelling at me about my clothes, and then... I put my head in my hands. What else happened? It all faded to black from there. 

See, this is why I hated parties. I always thought I'd take it easy, maybe have a drink or two and dance a little, and then this always happened. Louis was going to kill me for this. I sighed and flopped back down in my nice, fluffy bed. Maybe I could sleep for a while, let this all pass. I was just about to drift off when I heard footsteps come into the room.

I pulled the pillow over my head, whimpering a little. "Louis, I'm fine, leave me alone," I mumbled almost incoherently, my voice muffled by the pillow. "I'm just a little hungover." 

Suddenly I heard a low chuckle. Wait, that didn't sound like Louis' laugh at all. I tensed under the covers, biting my lip. "Sorry to break it to you, but it's not Louis." 

Oh, God. I knew that voice all too well. I groaned, pressing the pillow harder against my face. 

"How are you feeling?" I could hear the smirk in Harry's voice. The creaking of footsteps grew closer, and I felt the bed dip down because of his weight. 

As an answer, I slowly lifted the pillow off my face. I imagined I looked like shit. Hair messy, wrinkled clothes, eyeliner smudged with sleep. It would be fine if Louis had come in here, because I knew he wouldn't laugh until he cried like Harry would. Not that I cared what that asshole thought of me, of course, it was just embarrassing being hungover like this in front of him. In front of anyone, really.

Just as I expected, as soon as he saw my face, Harry burst out laughing.

"Damn you, Styles," I grumbled, smacking him lightly on the side of the head as he continued to laugh silently and uncontrollably. He wiped a few tears from his eyes, took one look at me, and then started laughing again. 

I glared at him, sitting up in bed, arms crossed over my chest. "Sure, keep laughing, I guarantee you won't like the prank I pull the next time you sleep over here," I threatened. He just shook his head, unable to speak, gasping for breath. I clenched my teeth; what an asshole!

"Sorry, Dots," he told me when he finally stopped laughing. "It's just... your face...," he took a deep breath, regaining his composure. "Louis asked if I could check up on you, by the way. That's why I'm here."

"Get bent," I growled before crawling under the covers again. I closed my eyes, preparing to drift off again. When I woke up, this man-whore would be long gone, at least for a little while.

Unfortunately, I heard him chuckle darkly, a reminder that he was, unfortunately, still here. "Is that any way to treat your brother's dear best friend after what happened last night?" 

My eyes flew open, and I immediately gripped tighter to the comforter, not letting go. Oh God. "What are you talking about?" I asked.

"Oh, just how we danced," Harry said casually,  "and we both had a couple shots, and the next thing I knew you were shouting at the top of your lungs, suggesting everyone should go skinny-dipping in the pool, and you were about to strip off all your clothes-" 

"WHAT?!" I screamed, shooting up in bed. Harry burst out laughing again, but this time I didn't even pay attention. Jesus Christ, had I really done that? Or was Harry just playing with me? I squeezed my eyes shut and rubbed my temples, trying to retrieve the memory.

"You've got to be kidding me," I muttered, putting my face in my hands. Then I turned to Harry, narrowing my eyes. "You're not screwing with my mind, are you?" 

"Nope," he said with a snicker, and to my horror, his eyes looked sincere. "Some people got it on video and everything." 

I drew in a breath, trying to remember. I must have been so drunk that my memory was fucked up. I bit my lip, willing myself to go back, even though I wasn't sure I wanted to. I looked back at Harry's face, and suddenly, like magic, it all came rushing back to me. 

"Shit," I said slowly, my face paling.

I remembered it all now, even though it was blurry. I winced. I'd thought going skinny-dipping was a good idea at the time. I didn't know how wasted I really was, and... 

More memories hit me. Harry lifting me up bridal-style, and carrying me up to my bedroom. I tensed, wondering what was going to happen. It flashed in front of my eyes like some kind of movie, and suddenly I saw Harry lifting up my hair as I puked in the toilet. I watched him help me undress and tuck me into bed. My mouth dropped open and I stared at him, unable to comprehend. 

He just sat there, smirking knowingly at me. I shook my head, dazed. 

"You saved me," I whispered softly. "Well, from humiliation, anyway." I stared down at my hands, trying to hide my blush. The guy had seen me puke. Even worse, he'd seen me in my underwear. Not only was that embarrassing, but Louis would literally kill him if he found out that he did that. 

And he risked it all for me.


I looked back at him. He cocked his head like a curious little puppy, his green eyes sparkling. "I knew it would all come back to you," he quipped. 

"Yeah," I mumbled, unable to say much else. "Thanks." 

"No problem." He sat up and stretched, causing his muscles to seem more defined. I couldn't help but gape, just now realizing he'd been shirtless the whole time I was talking to him. His abs looked incredible, and the tattoos decorating his skin made them even more so. I ran my eyes up and down his body; he was wearing the same jeans he had on yesterday, but now they clung to his body in a different way, making his butt look sexy. 

Wait, what?

Had I just caught myself checking my brother's man-whore of a best friend out? God, what was wrong with me? I must still have had the alcohol in my system or something, because there was no way in a million years that I would ever be caught doing that.

Except for now. 

His eyes caught mine, and he smirked knowingly. "Like what you see, Dots?" he asked, making my heart jump. Holy crap, what was wrong with me? Was this seriously happening right now? 

"Shut up," I growled, unable to think up a better comeback. He just laughed; I expected him to tease me more about it, but he didn't. He just smirked again and said, "Breakfast is on the table, Louis made waffles. Are you going to help us clean up the house today?"

"Never," I replied with a grin. He shook his head and pointed a finger at me.

"Bad girl," he told me, and I couldn't help but laugh.

I was glad that the awkwardness between us was over. Asshole or not, Styles was attractive, and practically everyone on the planet checked him out at least twice. I wasn't the only one. I didn't know why I got so worked up for nothing. 


An hour later, after I popped a few Advils, got dressed in my favorite tank top and sweats, and threw my hair up in a haphazardly messy bun, I was ready for a day of lounging around the house while Louis and Harry worked their asses off cleaning. It was payback for yesterday, making Pietra and I haul in all those groceries while they played their stupid video game or whatever. 

It was kind of awkward knowing that Louis didn't know what had happened between Harry and I last night. Apparently Louis had been too busy hooking up with some random girl in the downstairs bathroom. I really loved my brother, but he totally treated girls like objects. It was disgusting. 

Anyway, I knew he'd get the news that I almost stripped in front of everyone -making a complete fool of myself- pretty soon. And once he saw that Harry was just helping me and not trying to have sex with me or anything, I knew it would be okay. It was just the lecture I was worried about. I swear, sometimes he thought he was my parent, which was totally hypocritical because he acted like a twelve-year-old boy almost half of the time. 

For the rest of the day, I listened to the boys complain as they wiped up spills and threw bottles and trash away. Some idiot had gotten mad and thrown one of my mom's expensive vases across the room, causing it to smash and break into tiny little pieces everywhere. And another one had thrown up in the coat closet. Louis' parties were always rowdy like this; it was just one of the perks of having a guy so popular as my brother.

At about 1:30 PM, they finished cleaning. Harry wasn't due home until six tonight, so we decided to do something to pass the time. We only had a couple of free days left until school started for the semester, and we wanted the summer to last as long as we could. 

"How about we go bowling?" Louis suggested. "We could invite the other guys and some of Amber's friends."

"Nah, I don't really feel like it," I complained. "I'm so bad at that; plus you all will laugh at me because I suck so bad." 

Louis and Harry laughed.

"Yeah, we probably will," Harry teased.

"Asshole!" I whacked him on the side of the head. He giggled like a little kid and poked me in the cheek, and I filled my cheeks with air so it made a farting sound when he poked it again. 

"Stop flirting with my little sister, Styles," Louis warned, but he was half-joking. At least Harry hadn't made a slutty remark like he usually did. That would earn a whack to the head from Louis. Of course, the only time he did that was when my brother wasn't around.  

 "How about we see a movie?" Harry and I said at the exact same time. All three of us burst out laughing. 

"What movie?" Louis asked. Harry thought for a minute. 

"Insidious 2," he declared with a wicked grin on his face. 

I groaned and buried my head into Louis' chest. I hated scary movies; the last time I'c seen Don't Be Afraid Of The Dark I'd had nightmares. To top that off, I'd made Louis check my closets for demon rat-things and I'd slept with the light on for months. "Louis, why is Harry doing this to me? I think he's trying to kill me," I whined jokingly, causing him to laugh. Louis ruffled my hair. 

"It's okay, Dots, you can sit by me, I'll make sure you won't get scared," Harry purred suggestively, waggling his eyebrows. Louis' jaw clenched and he whacked Harry on the side of the head.

"That's my little sister you're flirting with, man," he growled; his voice was joking but there was layer of malice underneath it. "Just for that I'm not letting you sit anywhere near her." 

"Aw, man," Harry complained as I rolled my eyes. 

"I'm going to call Pietra and a couple of the girls," I chirped, taking my phone out of my back pocket and making my way to the kitchen.

Louis groaned. "Please not Pietra, that girl has been flirting with me to no end, and she will until the end of time." He winced, shuddering just thinking about it.

"Too bad, she's my best friend." I shrugged, turned on my heel and dialing Pietra. Two rings later, she picked up.

"Hey girl, what's up?" 

"Not much, just wondering if you wanted to go to the movies with me and the guys?" 

She let out a little squeal. "Oh my God, yes!" she gushed, causing me to roll my eyes. "What movie?" 

"Insidious 2," I grimaced even though she couldn't see me. "It was Harry's choice." 

"Cool, I kind of wanted to see that."

I shuddered. How could she like that scary crap? It made me scared to go to the bathroom by myself, for God's sake. "Okay, well, can you call Ariana, Liz, and Perrie, see if they want to go as well? Louis is going to call the guys." 

"Yeah, sure thing. Who's paying? Do we bring our own money?" 

"Yeah, I think so. Neither one of us are rich," I laughed. Of course, a little known fact about Louis is that he had an amazing voice, so when he got rich and famous he'd be able to buy whatever he wanted... and spoil me, of course.

"Okay. Sounds good. I'll meet you at the theater?"

"Yeah, I'll text you the time."

"Okay, bye!"

"See ya." I hung up.

I sighed and ran my fingers through my hair. I decided to grab a soda from the fridge. I crossed the floor to get it, opening the door and bending down, looking for the Diet Coke. Suddenly I sensed someone's presence behind me, their eyes roaming up and down my body. That could only be one person. 

I grit my teeth and whirled around. "Dammit, Styles!" I growled, glaring at him. He chuckled darkly as he leaned against the counter, the smirk so deep on his face you could see his dimples. 

"That's payback for you practically eye-shagging me earlier this morning," he told me. My mouth dropped open and I nearly spilled my drink. I couldn't believe him! He always had to get me alone and act like this. All. The. Fucking. Time.

"I wasn't eye-shagging you!" I shouted defensively, and then I quickly shut my mouth, realizing I'd said that a little bit too loud and Louis was right in the other room. I really hoped he hadn't heard that. 

He just shook his head and laughed quietly. "Sure you weren't," he said casually, sarcasm dripping from his tone. "Grab me a Coke, will you?" 

A squeak of disbelief escaped my lips. I threw my hands up in the air, completely exasperated. "Get your own damn Coke!" I cried, pushing past him, wanting desperately to get out of this room and away from the egotistical, arrogant prick he was. 

He stopped me, grabbing my arm gently and pulling me closer to him. For some reason, his touch left electricity gliding through me. His green eyes seemed to hypnotize me, and once again I could feel his breath blowing in his face.

Memories of last night when we danced flashed through my mind. Funny, I'm having deja vu right now. 

I studied the curve of his smirk, the shape of his nose, and the way his messy brown curls fell into his eyes.

 "You're really cute when you're mad, Dots," he purred, and even though he'd just said that, for a minute there I forgot that he was a total asshole, completely fixated on the way his eyes seemed to sparkle as they stared into mine. 

"I...," I tried to speak, but I couldn't. He had me hypnotized. Why did this keep happening?

Then the moment, whatever it had been, was broken. He dropped my arm just as Louis yelled from the living room, "We can go to the movie at 2:30, guys!" 

"Sounds good, mate!" Harry called. His eyes flickered back to me, and he smirked again. 

I grit my teeth, not sure why I was mad, and stormed out of there for all I was worth. I could feel his eyes all over me as I walked away.


"I call shotgun!" Harry cried as we walked over to Louis' car in the driveway. 

"Oh, hell no, Styles!" I shot him a competitive grin as I broke into a sprint, headed for the front seat of the car, determined to beat him. He shot me one right back, and to my surprise breezed right past me, even though my legs were obviously longer. 

I grit my teeth and pumped my legs a bit faster, my chest starting to burn from the effort. I caught up to him quickly, and he narrowed his eyes and sailed ahead of me again. 

"Oh, really?" I muttered under my breath.

Years of running and track had made me strong. I quickly reached him once again. We were a few yards from the car now. Just a little bit longer...

A few seconds later, the tie broke and I was the one standing in front of the car. "Victory!" I cheered, jumping up and down, making sure to rub it in that asshole's face. So there!

"Ha-ha, you got beat by a girl, Styles," I teased, ruffling his hair. He grunted, obviously annoyed that I'd won, no matter how juvenile this actually was. I think I'd actually damaged his ego. 

"We'll see about that, Dots," he smirked, and before I knew it he had pushed past me, bumping me away with his hip. He scrambled into the front seat of the car before I could protest. I stumbled to the ground, almost falling.

Anger swirled inside of me. Dammit, for the second time! How dare he? I clenched my fists. 

"Hey, that's cheating!" I yelled. I could see his face in the window, silently laughing.

God, I could kill him right now. 

Just then Louis came from inside the house, twirling his car keys on his finger. "What's going on?" 

"Your man-whore of a best friend is being a total ass," I complained, stomping my foot. I could still hear Harry's laughter from inside. 

Louis just rolled his eyes. "For Christ sakes, why can't the two of you just get along?" he asked, making his way round to the other side of the car. I just huffed in frustration and got in the backseat.

The car ride to the movies was boring. Louis and Harry talked about the party last night, and thankfully Harry didn't bring up that I was wasted. He did, however, continue to make obnoxious eye contact with me in the mirror. I could spot his smirk from a mile away. Sighing, I plugged my ear buds in my ears and turned on Avril Lavigne full blast.



Hey guys. How are you liking this story so far? This is basically just a filler chapter. I was originally going to make this one long chapter, but I decided to split it in half. Sorry if this update was boring :/ I tried to make it as interesting as possible. If any of you have any constructive criticism for me, that would be amazing! As long as you're nice[: Okay, my beautiful angels, that's all for now. Next update with either be tomorrow or later tonight. Love you guys! 

xoxo, Emma




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