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Anna had always been that nerdy girl from Canada. The girl with the glasses, the boring clothes and the perfect grades. Everyone remebered her as that girl. But when she returns to her old school, nobody realises it's her. Is it her new start, or is it just the same life over again? And what happends when Justin Bieber, who was the worst of all in the past, invites her to his party? What happends if she goes? ...


43. ~ Regrets And Misery ~

Justin's P.O.V.

(The last of the holidays before school)

I closed my eyes, while I enjoyed the company of Chaz, Ryan and the beach. I had been too down lately, so it was awesome that they could cheer me up at this time. We had been sitting outside for hours after the TV and our game had shut down. We were'nt even in Canada right now. We were gone for the weekend, enjoying the sun down in New Mexico. Don't ask. Seriously.

"Dude come on. You can't cry over her forever" Ryan said, which made me open my eyes, looking at the ocean.

"I'm not crying, okay?" I almost hissed at him. The fact that she rejected me, once again, was just too much. I was complete done with Rachel Summers, even though I still had strong feelings for her.

"Whatever man. Just look around. Girls from A-Z, just how you like it" Chaz said, while he tried to cheer me up. We had our own alfabet, when it came to girls. A was athletic, B was bright, C was Caring, you know the drill ... I just did'nt care.

"Yeah ..." I mumbled and looked around. I could'nt care less about girls right now.

I closed my eyes and saw a billions of memories with her in my mind. But of course, I skipped all the happy ones, and went right to the point where she rejected me on New Years Eve.


I did my best not to stare at her, but it was almost impossible with all that beauty she has. I can't believe I wanted to hurt her. It's only been half a year since we met, but I feel like I've known her for my whole life. She looks so familiar, even though she's a complete stranger. I felt my throat go completely dry, because what I was about to ask her, could maybe make me lose her for eternity.

"I have some questions ..." I said, but I could hardly get the words out of my mouth.

I could feel every nerve begging me to stop, since I did'nt want to risk losing her. Not again.

"Okay ... Then ask them" Her voice sounded so calm, like she did'nt have anything to hide. What if she does'nt love me back? ...

"Why are you so freaking nice to everyone? Some people treats you like you're no one, and still, you forgive them. Why do you forgive them?" My question was more about me, than everyone else. I did'nt understand why she would forgive me, if she did'nt care about me just a bit. I felt so bad, because of what I did to her.

"I don't know ... I guess I'm just dumb enough to believe in secound chances ..."

Her voice almsot sounded like pure regret. I felt sadness and misery tear me apart. Did she regret that she gave me a secound chance? The thought teared my heart to pieces.

"That's not dumb at all ..."

I almost lost all courage to go on. She regrets believing me, she regrets caring about me ... My next question was probably idiotic, but I had to know.

"Do you trust me?"

She did'nt hesitate with her "Yes", which made me smile a smile, that was filled with happiness and misery.

I had both a positive and a negative answer from her. Which made it impossible for me to know, what her next answer would be.

She looked so ... Innocent. Pure. She looked like a princess. I could'nt stop myself before the words had already left my mouth.

"I love you. So my final question is ... Do you love me back? ..."

I held my breath, not sure what to do. In the blink of an eye, I felt her lips on mine. Thousands of sparks flew around like electricty. I was so happy, until she pulled away with a sad look in her eyes. It was like she changed her mind in a second. Like she remembered something, that would always make her doubt on me.

"I can't. I'm sorry" She whispered, before she walked away. I wanted to run after her, but I just fell on my knees, feeling tears fill my eyes. I had'nt cried since I was six.


I sighted and heard my phone ring. I rolled my eyes and answered it without checking who it was.

"Yeah?" My voice was harsh and I did'nt try to hide my annoyance.

"Justin ... Can we meet up? ..."

I felt instant shock, when I heard her voice.

"Jenny? ..."

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