Back to Canada

Anna had always been that nerdy girl from Canada. The girl with the glasses, the boring clothes and the perfect grades. Everyone remebered her as that girl. But when she returns to her old school, nobody realises it's her. Is it her new start, or is it just the same life over again? And what happends when Justin Bieber, who was the worst of all in the past, invites her to his party? What happends if she goes? ...


4. ~ No Escape, No Excuse ~

Anna's P.O.V.

I was terrified by the thought of being invited to that party. To his party. No way ... I needed an excuse. Fast. Very very fast. I bit my bottom lip, hoping it would make me think more, since my worries was a real distraction.

I was trying my best to relax, while getting my books in my locker, but the fact that he was comming over was'nt really helping on it.

"Hey new girl!" He smiled.

Wow, you got me a nickname ... I'm used to 'Nerd' or 'Loser' from you, but I'll survive. I rolled my eyes, but he luckly did'nt notice.

"Yeah, that's me. 'New girl'." I mumbled with disgust.

He chuckled and smirked. "I could give you a better nickname, if you told me your name?"

Oh which one? Anna, Loser, Bitch, Slut or my new one, Rachel? I sighted. He should have recognized me by now. Maybe he forgot about what he did to me? ... It made me angry, but I just gave a fake and shy smile.

"Uhm, Rachel ..." I closed my locker, ready to walk away, but he followed.

"So, I'm having a party on friday. Why don't you join? ..."

I just shooked my head, feeling shy, scared and lost. "No uhm ... I got some unpacking to do, and homework and I gotta help my mom and ... Yeah ... Just a lot of things is going on right now ..."

He chuckled again, before saying: "Don't worry. Your mom can probably survive ONE night without you, and I can make someone do your homework, don't worry."

Was he stupid or something?? YES, my mom wan'ts me to come out and party a bit, but I don't want anyone to do my homework. "I don't think it's such a good idea ... I have plans for college and I don't wanna miss anything in any of my classes or something like that ..."

He looked suprised when I mentioned college, but just gave smirk and chuckle again. I was so scared at that moment ...

"I think you can miss homework once. You don't have to be a straight A+ student. Come on, don't you wanna fit in the rest of the year??"

I was lost. There was no escape or excuse for this one ... "Well ... I can maybe stay for an hour or two ..." I mumbled, and I regretted it immediately. I was just stupid. Really really stupid.

"Great! See you then"

Then he left, and I felt like an idiot. Wow, nice one Anna ... You just got invited to the party with all your earlier haters ... You're just so damn stupid ... I kicked the lockers, when I was alone, while I cursed myself and this place.

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