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Anna had always been that nerdy girl from Canada. The girl with the glasses, the boring clothes and the perfect grades. Everyone remebered her as that girl. But when she returns to her old school, nobody realises it's her. Is it her new start, or is it just the same life over again? And what happends when Justin Bieber, who was the worst of all in the past, invites her to his party? What happends if she goes? ...


32. ~ My Fault, Again ... ~

Anna's P.O.V.:

I saw his beautiful eyes turn from hazel coloured, to darker than the sky. It was ... Scary ... But I was too suprised, to speak my mind ... So I just watched it all happen ...


His dark eyes shortly met mine, before he looked Jenny in the eyes. She immediatly stopped making out with the guy, and before she could get up, begging for his forgiveness, he ran over, and he punched the guy in the jaw. I could'nt help myself but gasp at what I just saw ... Not only did he hit a guy ... He has'nt changed ... He has'nt changed from that selfish ass he was a few years ago. I'm not only disappointed, I'm clearly hurt and very stupid too. Justin punched the guy once more, and this time, he was bleading bad.

"Justin!" I yelled, as I ran over, and pushed him away from him. I could'nt just let him do that ...

Justin pushed me roughly away, but suprisingly enough, he realised it, and caught me in his arms before I fell. He gave me a dark and shocked look. He tried to hurt me ... I shook my head, got out of his arms, and kneeled in front of the guy, who was bleading violently from his jaw and mouth. I bit my lip, not wanting to leave him alone with Justin and Jenny - who did'nt leave ... -.

Justin looked over at Jenny, who had tears streaming down her face. "Justin I-..."

"It's over" He interrupted. "I don't wanna see you again"

She came out with a little crying sound, before turning her attention against me.

"You!" She hissed. I slowly moved my head up, so I could get full eyecontact with her. "You did this!" She yelled, while more tears streamed down her face. Justin did'nt say anything, he did'nt even stand up for me ... Wow, thanks Justin ... So much for that friendship ... I shook my head, feeling my own eyes get wet and salty. He probably thought that she was right ...

"I'm going to break you into pieces, Rachel" She hissed, while more tears streamed down her face, and she ran out. I felt bad for her ... But I had more problems than she had, and I don't owe her anything. I turned my attention back to the guy in front of me, and started to whisper calming words to him.

"Get out" Justin harshly said. I turned around in shock.

"Get out, before I call the fucking cops" He hissed. I finally figured out, that he was saying it to this stranger, that had caused us both a lot of trouble. I looked hurt at Justin, and helped the guy get up.

"Let's go" I whispered, as I helped him. Justin suddenly grapped my arm, forcing me to face him.

"If you're walking out of that door, I won't ever talk to you again" He said, and I knew, that he was'nt lying. I looked deep in his eyes, and he finally let go of my arm.

"This is your own choice Justin. I'm not ruining this friendship now. You are"

That was my last words, before I left with this guy, I don't even know ... No matter what, he needs my help ...


He told me where he lived, so I drived him home, and started to clean his face. There was a lot of blood ... I bit my lip, and moved some hair away from his face. He was actually ... Pretty good looking ... I was being pretty critical the time I danced with him ... 'Oh just shut up Anna' I thought, as he started to study my face.

"Who are you?" He asked. The real answer? I don't know.

"The name's Rachel. My frie-... A guy hurt you pretty bad. I'm just cleaning your wounds" I said, and faked a smile. He smiled back.

"Well, thank you Rachel. The name's Zac, and I wanna thank you, for being my savior, so yeah ..."

We both chuckled by his words. Zac was actually a funny and really cool guy. We started talking with eachother, and it ended up with, that I could crash at his place - And my mom is visiting some friends and staying over, so she won't notice ... -.

The most shocking thing after that party, was Zac telling me, that we were going to the same school ... Mhm ... What a great way, to make my life more complicated ...

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