Back to Canada

Anna had always been that nerdy girl from Canada. The girl with the glasses, the boring clothes and the perfect grades. Everyone remebered her as that girl. But when she returns to her old school, nobody realises it's her. Is it her new start, or is it just the same life over again? And what happends when Justin Bieber, who was the worst of all in the past, invites her to his party? What happends if she goes? ...


55. ~ I Love You ... ~

Anna's P.O.V.

When we entered the resturant we were greeted by a thousand smells. We did'nt even have to ask about the reservation, they already knew who Justin was.

"Mr.Bieber. Let me show you your table"

The waiter showed us the way to our table which was on the second floor. The view was absolutely breathtaking. We sat down and the waiter handed both a menu.

"I thought you said that it was already paid for?" I asked him with a suprised smile.

He smiled. "It is. But I would'nt risk choosing something that you don't like"

I smiled and looked at the menu. Then I looked at the price.

"Justin are we at the right place?"

"Yeah, why?"

"It's really expensive ..."

"Well I'm not the one paying. Dinner is on Jenny tonight" He chuckled.

I tried to crack a smile, but I failed.

"What's wrong, Rachel?"

"Well ... I don't know. I'm sorry"

"Don't apologize for things you should'nt be sorry for ..."

"Sorry ..."


We both looked at eachother and laughed.

"You're going to be the death of me, Summers" He chuckled.

"You too, Bieber"

"So ... What are you getting? ..."

"That's a secret"

"What? Really?"


"Please tell?"




"Pretty please?"


"Rachie? Please? ..."

I looked up and smiled. He had not called me 'Rachie' in what felt like ages.

"Fine. Their spagetthi"

"Really? There's almost everything here and you chose their spagetthi?"


"God I love you ..."

"What? ..."

"Nothing ..."

"Oh ... Okay ..."

We both avoided eyecontact for a little while. What was I supposed say? ...


After while the awkwardness had faded and we were talking like crazy. We already ate our food like an hour ago. We were just talking. And sharing embarrassing stories.

"So what you ran home to your grandparents?" I giggled.

"I did'nt want to go home! I was too embarrassed!" He laughed.

"I would have beat that bully up for you ..." I smiled.

"I'm sure you would" He returned the smile.

"So ... What's your plan? ..." I asked.

"My plan? ..."

"With Jenny and the baby ..."

"I have no clue ..."

"When did she get ... You know ... Pregnant ...?"

"Why?" His guard was slowly comming up.

I sighed. "If you know what date it would be easier to find out, when it will come, right? I think your mom can help you"

"Dammit ..." He whispered.

I got a serious look on my face. "You've told her right? ..."

No reply ...

"Right, Justin?"

He sighed. "No I have'nt ..."

I bit my lower lip. "You have to tell her eventually ..."

"I know, I know ... I just have'nt figured out a way to tell her ... I've never been close with her ..."

"Maybe it's time to change that"

"Yeah ... Maybe ..."



He dropped me off around 11 pm ... We had been out for almost 5 hours ... He just never got boring ...

And he told me that he loved me ...


And for the first time since I got back ... I doubted if I felt the same way ...

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