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Anna had always been that nerdy girl from Canada. The girl with the glasses, the boring clothes and the perfect grades. Everyone remebered her as that girl. But when she returns to her old school, nobody realises it's her. Is it her new start, or is it just the same life over again? And what happends when Justin Bieber, who was the worst of all in the past, invites her to his party? What happends if she goes? ...


61. ~ Frozen Cosplay ~

Anna's P.O.V.

You know, I've always sort of had this idea of how good a detective I would be. Or how good of cop. Turns out, I'm not as good as I thought I'd be. I'm not even close. All I know is that it's someone who likes Maple Leafs and the numbers 091095. Could be that it's a birth date or just random numbers. Maybe it's the person's favourite number. Hell, how was I supposed to know?

Anyway ... As days passed I ended up feeling more and more lost. Without school records this was going to be impossible. I've already asked Trevor to repay the favor he owed me, but I needed him again. Everything was happening online now with our records. The only bad thing there was about this? ... When I asked for this, I owed Trevor. And I'm no use to him. So he was going to make me do one thing I hoped I never had to do. Cosplays. When he told me that, our conversation ended up like this:

"Are you serious!?"

"Yep Anna. I want cosplays"

"B-.... That does'nt make any sense! Why would you want me to do cosplays!?"

"I'm doing this for all my fellow nerds in Canada. You're popular. Make it cool"

"What!? ... Look, I love when people dress up as the characters from different shows, but I never really wanted to do that"

"Suck it up, Cortez"

"You're a jerk. How am I supposed to make stuff cool? Is cosplays even uncool?"

"Figure it out"

"You have the stupidest demands ..."

"I just want to see you dressed up as someone from Frozen. Maybe even Elsa, since you know, you colored your hair"

"How do you even know about that, Trevor?"

"I have my ways ..."

"... You totally stalked me on Facebook, didn't you? ..."

"... You have no proof"

"That creepy voice was proof enough. Does it really have to be Frozen? I know its like the new Cinderella or something, but I'll just feel really silly ..."

"Anna don't lie. You used to love cosplays. And videogames. And surfing. What the Hell happened to you?!"

"... I grew up Trevor. I'm not into that kids stuff anymore ..."


"Trevor I am so sorry! I really didn't mean it like that! ..."

"Sure. Just don't lie. I know the geeky Annabeth Marie is still in there. You remember her right? The one everyone adored here in Sydney? The one who actually did a cosplay out of her free will?"


I was silent for a second. He was right. But I could just not admit it. So I pretended like it was nothing. I ignored it.


"I'll get you your Frozen cosplay photo ... Talk to you soon"

He didn't reply, he just hung up. 

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