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Anna had always been that nerdy girl from Canada. The girl with the glasses, the boring clothes and the perfect grades. Everyone remebered her as that girl. But when she returns to her old school, nobody realises it's her. Is it her new start, or is it just the same life over again? And what happends when Justin Bieber, who was the worst of all in the past, invites her to his party? What happends if she goes? ...


33. ~ Complications Suck ... ~

Anna's P.O.V.

There's two days to Christmas Eve, and Justin have'nt said a word to me. My mom's friend Pattie wanted us to come over, but I told my mom, that I just wanted to spend Christmas with her alone. I've never been a social person, but I'll do my best to get to know new people.

Zac is actually a great guy, and he's helping me move on from my break up with Chris. It still gets to me sometimes, but hey; I just gotta keep going.

I'm not sure about giving Justin a Christmas present, since he's pissed at me, but ... Maybe it could fix our friendship, if we just talked and celebrated Christmas ... I don't know. He's honestly not talking to anyone, as far as I know.

He's ignorring both Jenny and me. I've tried to call him, and I always failed. He might not want to work things out, but I do.

I guess I can apologize for helping someone else than him and making him 'cheat' on Jenny. But he, was the one who ended this. Or, that's what I keep telling myself ... It's my fault too, you know? ...

Zac and I have been to Starbucks once in a while, since school was over till 14th January. I don't know if I'm looking forward to New Years Eve, but maybe I need a little more change. I have no idea if I'm right or wrong. Time will probably show.




The next day, I actually meet Pattie in the mall. I've missed her. She's always been like my 2nd mother :). She asked what I thought her son would like, but I don't know him, so I had honestly no idea. I did think she could give him one of the new Call of Duty games, since that's almost all the boys had been talking about in school. Games ...

I don't know what I, want for Christmas, but I got everyone else covered. I guess I'm a mistery, even to myself.

After I told Pattie goodbye, I accidently bumped into the last person I wanted to see.

Chris ...

~ A/N:

God, I have'nt updated in AGES! I'm sorry 'bout that. :(

I have a lot of stuff going on, but you guys don't wanna hear any bad excuses ;)

I'm going to see 'The Hobbit - The **SOMETHING** of Smaug' tomorrow in the cinema, and I honestly can't wait ;) Thank you for being around Perfectors/Boo's. You're my inspiration, so keep it up!

Btw, I can do reviews on your movellas if you like, just comment and I'll add a list called Reviews, and you'll find your Movella and it's review in there (;


~ A.S.L.

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