dating 1D xx

It's about this girl called Charlotte, she is 18years old, she goes to a one direction concert but ends up falling in love!!!!...


11. traving around the world

we were in Italy and the boys were getting ready but Harry kept on asking people if they would push the bin for him while he was in the bin, Niall said he would and Niall were pushing the bin all around the stadium, after that we got them to get ready so me and the girls were helping, I noticed that everyday Erika's clothes were getting darker and her make up was to, the boys were practising their singing in a weird voice, but after they had to practise their dance moves but their were making fun of it and they make up a dance called bird dance, also they were playing basketball and being weird and funny.

*1year later, the tour is over and everybody is inside.. Niall pulled Erika aside and said;

Erika - hey what's up

Niall - what's up with the black clothes.

Erika - what about it?????

Niall - it's not you

Erika - It's the new me and please don't get into it

Niall - I care about you

Erika - what about Nicole

Niall - what about her

Erika - have just said to your ex - girlfriend that you care about her whiles your girlfriend is talking in the next room.

Niall - it does not mean that I don't care about her, I care about you as my friend not my ex.

Erika - really

Niall - yeah now lets get back to the others

*Niall and Erika walk into the other room and put on a fake smile*

Everyone stops and stares at Niall and Erika and both Erika and Niall look at each other guilty .

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