dating 1D xx

It's about this girl called Charlotte, she is 18years old, she goes to a one direction concert but ends up falling in love!!!!...


10. The tour

It's Monday morning and Harry, Louis, Niall, Zahn, Liam all wanted to tell us something so we all meted up at Harry's house, we all had arrived at Harry's house and all sat down on the sofa, the boys told us that they are going on tour for a whole year and travelled around all around the world, we asked what countries and they listed all the countries they are going to.........we asked if we could come but they had to ask because they would be busy preforming and Harry rang up their tour manager and he was on the phone for 5mins....he hung up and walked towards all of us o the sofa. Harry explained to us what he said, he said, that the girls could come with but we will be traveling on the plane a lot and on the bus, but we all wanted to come, it's only a week away so we all was excited and me and the girls started shopping for stuff,

*week later, the day of the tour* It's Monday and we were all packing our stuff then meeting outside the airport. me and the girls went in the same car my car, it took us 2hours and we set of to the airport. *30mins later* we arrive at the airport and the boys are already there waiting outside, they see us and smile, we got out of the car and the boys helped us with our suit cases. we get our tickets checked and we got on a plane.... 

* 30m*

we get to London airport and we get out of the plane, we go through double doors and a group of girls see the boys and tweet about it seconds later screaming girls are around us......when  security got us out and away  from the girls, we got in a taxi and we drove off....*10mins later* we get to the hotel and girls saw us, we unlocked the door and went in, we unpacked our stuff and went out for our tea, Niall suggested Nando's, so we went....after tea we went to our hotel ad some girls saw us and started screaming, they asked for pictures with the boys, after that we all watched TV and hanged out........*12am* we all decided to go to bed........


it's the day of the concert in o2 arena...we got ready and we set off in the 1D bus, when we got there we went in to the dressing room but we lost Niall and Harry, one second later they came in and they were singing , Niall was pulling a bin and Harry was in the bin. the boys were getting ready and having their haircut and getting dressed. it's 5mins to the show and the boys were in go karts driving around, Louis was on a skate board and he went past a table with pop corn on it and he took one, the manager had to try and stop him and the boys who was on the go-karts, 1min to the show the manager finally got them to get ready for the show, the boys got ready to the show finally the boys went running on the stage, and started sing what makes you beautiful. and a lot of others, *3hours later when the concert finished* me the girls and the boys got on the 1D bus and set of to the airport, the next stop was Italy....*10mins, we at the airport and they are getting ready to go on the plane.....we got on the plane and got settled(snacks and drinks) *the plane sets of........2hours later the plane lands*  everyone goes on the 1D, Erika and Nicole went into a separate room and started  to yell but what they didn't notice is that Harry and Niall were eyes dropping but not long after Erika started punching Nicole and then they got into a fight Niall and Harry pushed into the room and tried to stop it but Erika wouldn't stop...after a lot of fighting they finally's 10pm and we decide to go to bed.


2am and we need to get up for a photo shoot....we are really tried, we had our breakfast and then we got dressed and went into the office and the boys did a photo shoot......the woman wanted Harry to stay still but he wouldn't after he did but as soon as they pressed the shutter he moved into a funny pose. after hours of photos....we go back to the bus, we started getting ready for the concert (packing) we go to the stadium and we go on the roof, we looked over and there are thousands of fans, when the boys put their hands up and the screams went louder and when they put their hands down they went quite...... 

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