dating 1D xx

It's about this girl called Charlotte, she is 18years old, she goes to a one direction concert but ends up falling in love!!!!...


12. the secret affair

* It's 10pm and everyone decided to go home but Niall and Louis stayed but told Nicole to go home. everyone goes and it's just me, Louis and Niall, we sat down and Niall explained to me and Louis that he has feelings for Erika but he does not want to hurt Harry, he is his best friend and it's his best friend's girlfriend. We were up all night talking about Niall problem and at 1am we decided that Niall should talk to Harry and Erika.  So the next day Niall talked to Harry but what they didn't know was we were in the next room listening, there were a lot of shouting 15mins later Harry walks out and slams the door behind him following him was Niall, he pulled Erika and pointed to the room he has just come out with Erika walks to the room and Niall follows her and shuts the door behind him. All of us have our ears to the door so we can hear and we could hear a bit but not a lot after 5mins they stop talking so we go out to Nandos to have tea.

next morning we were a my house and Erika walked out of the room , they were talking yesterday and then Niall followed her out and shut the door and looked up and stopped and looked guilty at us. I pulled her a side and asked what happened yesterday and she explained to me and it was a long story but after it I said to her "what about your boyfriend Harry???" but Erika looked to the ground and signed , she said that she was still with him but Niall loves me and I love him so tomorrow im going to break up with Harry she said but........the next day had come and Erika was about to break up with harry but Harry got on one knee and said Erika Iozzi will you marry me and Erika screamed and shouted yes, I heard and pulled Erika a side and asked her why did she shout yes??? Erika explained and showed me her engagement ring, I asked her why...I thought you were going to break up with him....she signed and looked up guilty, I asked her what was wrong and she said......................................

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