dating 1D xx

It's about this girl called Charlotte, she is 18years old, she goes to a one direction concert but ends up falling in love!!!!...


5. the problem

The next day I get a text saying "I broke up with Harry and im going out with Nail" I met up with Louis and we talked about Erika, Nail and Harry, me and Louis decided to talk to Erika. Me and Louis talked to Erika and we said to her how are u and Nail and we told her about Harry told me and Louis, Harry was going to break Erika and Nail up and ask Erika out, me and Erika was talking and the next day we have not got school me, Louis and Erika are going to talk to Harry

*next day*

me, Louis and Erika talked to Harry and asked him what were he going to do and he said "I am not going to do anything" so after long hours of talking, we went our separate ways, Louis went home and Erika stayed at my house for a couple of hours. Erika went home at 5:00pm.

*next day*

I was waiting in the car park at 8:15am around the corner a black range rover came, Erika got out the car and put the 1D bag over her shoulder and closed the car door behind her, Erika saw me and she walked towards me smiling, when we met up we talked about yesterday, but harry did talk to Nail and tell him something, and now he wont talk to her, Erika reached into her pocket and got her phone out and texted Nail but after hours Nail didn't answer so me and Erika went to Nail's house, we went to the door and Louis answered the door with a note....

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