dating 1D xx

It's about this girl called Charlotte, she is 18years old, she goes to a one direction concert but ends up falling in love!!!!...


15. proposing to my love

*after being at collage all week* Me and Erika go out and shop for hours, When we come back we drop the shopping bags on the sofa and drop down on the sofa next to each other we texted the boys, Nicole and Alex round and when they come we can go to this restaurant Zahn wants to go to, we set off and Zahn leads the way, we get there and it's a sushi bar. We go in but Niall wants to take Erika to a more posh restaurant so Erika and Naill head across the road to the most Romanic restaurant in town. they walk in a it's beautiful rose petals on the table and candles, they sit down and there are violins playing and a man singing. suddenly the band changes the song to summer love bye one direction and everyone stops and stares Naill got out of his seat and went to were Erika is sitting he gets dwon on one knee and he says this long sweet speech about how much he loves her...when he had finished he said Erika Iozzi will you marry me?? Erika sat there shocked and she shouted YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I WILL, everyone clapped and Nail placed a diamond ring on her left hand and kissed her. Erika went to the toilet and rang me and she was specking really quickly and I couldn't tell what she was saying, I said to her STOP calm down and explain to me...she said calmly, Naill proposed to me!!!!!. WOW I replied and invited her to mine tomorrow so we can talk properly. When we all finished our tea we all met and the sushi restaurant and went home. we all went to bed but me and Erika stayed up all night texting each other about the wedding. in the morning Erika was at my house early and were banging the door band she was knocking that hard, I walked slowly to the door half asleep. I opened it and she were wide awake, she came in a jumped on the sofa she was all ready to talk about the wedding but I looked out of the door because I thought she was going to bring Naill, I turned around and Erika had the biggest smile on her face I asked her where is Naill and she said that he was still asleep and didn't want to wake up early....I sat down next to her and we talked about her wedding dress, I said that there is a fair and it meant to help brides plan their wedding Erika seemed preety excited about the idea and asked when it it opening, I didn't know so I looked online and it did not say.........

Liam and Alex

Liam pulls Alex a side and said he said do u want to go to  a restaurant cause I don't like sushi do u, Alex replied yeah sure. They go to a nice restaurant and have a nice meal, when they had finished, Liam stood up and kneeled down on one knee and put his hand in pocket and took out a little blue velvet box, he opened it and a diamond ring was in it...he said Alex Jane dorricott will you marry me??????, Alex sat there speechless a few seconds later she shouted YES!!!!!, everyone turned around and stopped talking and all looked at Alex, Alex notice people were watching and then turned back to Liam who stood up and placed the ring on there right hand, and one finger. They walked out of the restaurant and walked to the others,   Alex rang me and shouted, I couldn't understand what she was saying so me and Louis asked her to calm down and speech slowly so she calmed down and explained to us. Me and Louis couldn't believe it, we were really excited for Alex and Liam....we hung up and Louis said to me tonight I will take you somewhere nice k so I agreed but all day all I could think about where is he going to take me.

*it's 4pm and im getting ready for the place Louis is going to take me*

Im in my room and Louis is watching tv in the living room. I had a shower and now im putting my make up on and curling my dark long brown hair. I pick out a nice blue dress and place it on my bed, I put it on and I looked in the mirror now it's 5:30 and we are ready to go, Louis wont tell me what is his surprise so I just sit in the passenger seat and put on my seat belt, Louis does the same and he puts in the keys and turns, he put the gear stick on and drives out of the drive way. However hard I tried I couldn't recognize the place we were going it took 30mins and we drove into a car park and Louis stopped the car and got out, I followed Louis to a green field and there where  a table and on the table the where a white cloth and there were a verse of red roses and candles . There were food waiting on the table still red hot, we ate the food and then we walked around at the beach near by, the moonlight is shining and beautiful. Louis gets down on one knee and opened a blue velvet little box and opened it there were a beautiful diamond ring in it, I was SO EXCITED, I was quite for a second and I said..........

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