dating 1D xx

It's about this girl called Charlotte, she is 18years old, she goes to a one direction concert but ends up falling in love!!!!...


21. pregnent????????????????????

Me and Erika are going out to town to shop at 8am Erika and baby Darcy  was at my door, I let her in but as soon as a opened my mouth I rushed to the toilet and I was sick. Erika heard ad she ran in and said are u ok???? I wiped my mouth and answered yes I've been sick for the past 2 days, Louis came in and asked what was going on. I explained to him and he repeated the same question as Erika r u ok. I said to him im fine so I got my coat and we wet to the car. Erika put Darcy in a car seat and strapped her in shut the door and got in the drivers seat, I was already in the car ready. When Erika turned the key the radio turned on and it was a one direction song, Erika turned to me and said Naill is thinking of going out of one direction, I couldn't believe it. She said yeah Naill told me when baby Darcy were born. That was a month ago wow why didn't tell me. Erika changed the conversation by asking why I was sick well I said I have been taking some tablets to stop me getting pregnant oh no I have not been taking them. Erika looked at me shocked you have been taking tablets???? yeah me and Louis don't what kids so my friend told me about them and how she has been taking them and then when you want to get pregnant you stop taking them. Never heard of them answered Erika, we got to town and me and Erika were looking for a parking space, I found one and Erika parked in it, we got out of the car. Erika opened the back door were Darcy were and she unstrapped her and lifted herd out of the car seat. I locked the car and we walked towards the shops the automatic doors opened and we walked inside the mammas and papas to buy baby clothes for Darcy. I found a cute pink outfit for Darcy. Erika loved the outfit and we had a full trolley of really cute clothes. They cost a lot of money. Me and Erika went to a shop for clothes for me and Erika. After me and Erika finished me decided to go to a costa coffee for a drink I ordered tea and so did Erika and Erika ordered orange juice for Darcy. Erika put it in her bottle and we drank our drinks. After me and Erika got a cake and when Erika was not looking a gave Darcy some and she loved it, we laughed. When we had done Erika wanted to go to booths and I waited outside with baby Darcy. Erika came out and she look out a baby test out of her pocket and told me to take it I refused and said Im not taking it after nagging me about it I went to the toilet........

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