dating 1D xx

It's about this girl called Charlotte, she is 18years old, she goes to a one direction concert but ends up falling in love!!!!...


18. planing the wedding

Erika were knocking at my door at 7am and she had lots of wedding ideas we sat down and she emptied the bag and lots of things came out on the coffee table, we decided to invite Naill and Louis round they come together and they come in and we plan the wedding together. My wedding dress is a v neck with straps, with a sparkly silver belt and Erika's is gold long and with straps. the boys are going to wear black suits but Naill is going to wear a a gold tie and Louis is going to wear a burgundy tie. Erika is my maid of honour and the bride maids are my other friends, the brides maids are going to wear a burgundy long strapless dress with a burgundy sparkly dress, Erika's brides maids are going to wear gold dresses, my flowers are going to be red and white roses  and to tie the stems together there is a silk white bow. Me and Louis are going to get married in a church and then we are going to a 4 star hotel including the meal, it is a roast and white wine. After a LONG day of wedding plans we have enough and we decide to go out for tea. We went out and had a nice tea, Erika and Naill decided to go home and I took Louis home and then I drove home. I couldn't wait for the wedding *a year later and it's a day until Erika's  wedding, me and Erika are stressing out. we  do the last minute touches.  The next day Erika came over to mine and I helped her get ready I went with her to get her hair done, nails and make up. Time Erika got in a white land rover, I helped her with her dress and I holded her dress she walked down the ale. It was a beautiful wedding and after we went to a nice hotel. at the party Erika and Naill only stayed for a bit and then they went home.

*A weekend until my wedding*

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