dating 1D xx

It's about this girl called Charlotte, she is 18years old, she goes to a one direction concert but ends up falling in love!!!!...


7. Niall's new girl

it's the morning and Niall has not turned up so charlotte, Erika and Louis meet up and go to Niall's place they knock on the door to see if anyone is in *1min later* a girl opens the door but me, Erika and Louis don't recognise her, "hi, who are you???" asked the mystery girl, I answered" we are Niall's friends, who are you??" the mystery girl looked at me and she walked inside and she looked upstairs and called Niall down to see his friends seconds later Niall stoles down the long stairs and he sees us and smiles, he invited us inside and explained where he was and who is the girl who answered the door, her name was Nicole she is 18years old just like me, she is amazing, she is funny and  friendly. We all talked to get to know Niall's new girlfriend, she seemed really nice. her birthday is on 13th of august. me, Erika and Nicole headed to go shopping whiles Louis and Niall talked, Nicole said she really liked Niall and she hopes that they will be together for a long time.

*the next day*


Me and Erika met up to Louis's house but no one was there, so I texted Louis saying "hey, where are you??? xx Charlotte"

Erika texted Harry "hey, met me and Charlotte at Niall's house xxx Erika x

*30mins later* we all met at Niall's house and Louis and Harry met Nicole and they seemed to like her. We all hanged out at Niall's house and we just talked, later on we went shopping but after a bit and we had to go in to a restaurant and then go and get throw the crazed fans

*30mins past and we decided to go home so we  got into Erika's car and head back to my place *30mins later* we got to my house and we talked for hours, hours later everyone went home but Erika stayed and told me a secret, we talked for a while because we didn't know what to do, it's 12am in the morning and Erika was tied so she went home, she unlocked her car and opened the door and she climbed in, started the car up and drove away, after she drove away I went to bed. *the morning 9am* my phone beeps and I look at my phone and I've got a message it's from Erika it says "hey, I really need to talk" I rang her up and I invited her over *15mins later* Erika arrives at my door step, she is crying so I invite her in, we talked for hours and she told me what was wrong, she was really upset because she still loves Niall. I texted Louis and 15mins later he arrives when he walked in he saw Erika in tears he asked her what was wrong and Erika told him the whole story. I told him I didn't know what to do so he suggested that Erika needs to talk to Niall but Erika didn't want to she told me that he wouldn't care. Me, Erika and Louis went to Harry's house but he was not there, we rang his mobile a couple times but he didn't answer but the third time he answered *this is the conversation*

Erika - hi where are you we are at your house?

Harry - sorry Erika im at Nando's with Niall and Nicole

Erika - oh me, charlotte and Louis are coming now

Harry ok see you soon bye Erika xxx

Erika - bye

*they hang up*

They are at Nando's, we will take my car, me, Erika and Louis get in Erika's car and Erika drives of, 10mins later we get  there we open the front door and we see harry, Niall and Nicole, they see us and wave, we sit down and we all look at the menu and we order.

*15mins later* we get our food, we talked for a bit and decided to go to my house after Nando's........




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